OSCEOLA COUNTY — At the Osceola County Commission meeting on Tuesday, June 5, commissioners approved a proposal to allow Osceola County Animal Control to sign an agreement with Spectrum to receive installation of internet services.

Technology coordinator Jon-Thomas Burgess explained the only internet service available for the Animal Control building in the past has been AT&T DSL. However, in order to accommodate the needs of the department, such as contacting the public and promoting animals available for adoption, a higher bandwidth than what is available through AT&T is needed.

According to Burgess, there are currently no cables running to the Animal Control building which would provide access to the Spectrum internet service, but Spectrum has agreed to do the construction work involved with installing the cables and posts to allow connection to their service.

“I believe there is going to be a lot of digging and burial to get to that location,” Burgess said.

Spectrum quoted the construction project at a cost of $7,593.13, but the company has agreed to absorb $5,000 of the total cost because Osceola County Animal Control would become a customer.

Although a specific contract length with Spectrum was not defined at the meeting, Burgess said it is likely there will be one.

The remaining $2,593.13 for the project will be paid out of the county’s general fund.

No timeline for the construction work was discussed at the Tuesday meeting.