EVART — The Evart city council will host a virtual public hearing at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 14, to get input from the public on proposed amendments to the city’s marijuana ordinance.

Evart city manager Sarah Dvoracek told the council she would like to see a competitive bid process put into place for the marijuana licensing at its meeting Oct. 5.

“I am recommending council, with the help of (city attorney) Jessica Wood, look at a competitive process for our marijuana facilities,” Dvoracek said.

According to information posted on the city website, the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act requires the city to establish a process to select applicants for licenses.

The ordinance amendment establishes a “permit application evaluation competitive process” that includes a point system for evaluating a set of criteria an applicant must meet.

In addition, Dvorcek recommended requiring applicants for all licenses to obtain their prequalification background check from the state as part of the application process and increasing the number of licenses for grow facilities, excess growers and processors from two to six.

City council approved an amendment to the city’s marijuana ordinance, allowing two excess growers licenses at its meeting Aug. 10.

Dvoracek said at the time that since the original ordinance was adopted in June 2019, the state issued an emergency rule that created additional license types, including the excess grower license.

Dvoracek told the council that the city had been contacted by Lume Cannabis Company representatives requesting they amend the ordinance to include the excess grower licenses.

Each excess grower license would allow the licensee to grow up to 2,000 excess marijuana plants. The ordinance will allow for two excess grower licenses within the city.

For additional information on the proposed changes, or on how to participate in the virtual public hearing, visit evart.org or call 231-734-2181.