AT&T installing fiber optic cable in Marion

MARION — Marion residents have been observing an influx of trucks and equipment in the area with crews hard at work along 20 Mile Road from the village west toward 70th Avenue.

The busy workers are from AT&T Corp. and have been seen daily along the road installing fiber optic cable as part of the company’s more than $1.5 billion investment in upgrades to Michigan’s wireless network.

The installation is part of an ongoing investment in the state to increase coverage and reliability and provide advanced services to customers.

According to Jermaine Spight, senior public relations manager for AT&T Michigan, the fiber optic cable will enable the company to make future upgrades to its towers in and around Marion that will improve mobile data and voice services for area customers and businesses.

The installation is expected to be completed in September or October.

When the towers are enhanced with additional carriers, customers will experience better call connectivity and faster Internet speeds when downloading or uploading to the Internet via their mobile device.

“Our goal,” said Spight, “is for our customers to have an extraordinary experience and we’re always looking for new opportunities to provide an enhanced customer experience and our investment in the local wireless network is just one way we’re accomplishing that.”

Details on the availability date of new or enhanced services offered to individuals and businesses in and around Marion may be forthcoming in early 2013.