A spooky stroll in the park

REED CITY — The weather was a bit brisk on Saturday during the Seventh Annual Halloween in the Park, but it sure didn’t bother the spirits bounding about in Westerburg Park.

Dozens of adults and hundreds of kids had lots of things in common that day including dressing up in costumes, sharing lots of laughter, and having lots of fun.

Various members of the community set up spots throughout the park at which to pass out candy, trinkets, and at one location even super-sized books all about the Pirates of the Caribbean.

It was hard to tell who was having the most fun, the kids or the adults, but it was apparent it was fun for everyone.

A variety of businesses and agencies combined forces to make the event a huge success.  Some parents were especially happy the event was located in a spot where vehicles couldn’t travel, and said that was an important thing.

A great time was had by all involved.