A promise to deliver

EVART — In a last-minute push to earn the votes of undecided constituents, Evart Elementary students took to the stage Thursday quoting American heroes, making campaign promises and pledging to do their best for their school.

At the third annual Wee Deliver elections on Nov. 8, Evart Elementary School voters decided which students would handle and deliver the school’s mail each week. Students elected a postmaster, mail sorters and mail carriers.

“Abraham Lincoln said, ‘That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.’ I believe I can achieve great success because he did,” said postmaster candidate Sarah Woods, in her speech to students and their families.

Along with giving speeches to a large audience, candidates also hosted a meet-and-greet, where they signed autographs and gave out candy to gain votes. The night was emceed by Evart Mayor Eric Schmidt. State Sen. Darwin Booher was on hand encouraging student candidates to pursue their dreams.

Prior to the event, candidates hit the campaign trail, making posters to hang in the school and reading their speeches during the school’s daily announcements.

Event organizer Cathy Wirth said the elections serve as an opportunity for students to get engaged in democracy at a young age.

“It brings them in to the democratic process,” said Wirth, who serves as the school’s Title One Parent Involvement Coordinator. “Especially with the elections we’ve had, it just kind of brings that home and helps them to make some real life connections to that.”

The elections were held as part of Evart Elementary’s November Family Night. Students and their families also enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner and participated in crafts and activities after voting.

“I’m really proud of our students. They’ve worked hard. They’ve written their own speeches, chosen their own quotes and learned how to use quotes in speeches,” Wirth said. “This boosts their confidence.”

Sarah went on to earn the title of postmaster, while Deanna Conklin, Carlee Helmer, Brayden Cass and Christa Nelson were elected mail carriers and Reese Ransom and Korey Clark garnered enough votes to win positions as mail sorters.

After being elected, candidates were sworn in by Evart Postmanster Laurie Holmes.

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