A focus on healthier eating leads to action in Hersey

HERSEY — Bringing healthy food to the table is the focus of a local group.

Overall, the mission of the healthy-food initiative is to encourage consumers to question who they are buying from and if that grower is using healthy practices, said Steve Petoskey, group member and owner of Adventure Cycle and Sport.

“Our goal is to inform the public about local groups who grow and pick local food,” Petoskey said. “Consumers should think about what they are buying,” he said.

He warns produce found in markets out of season is not as healthy, as fresh, seasonal produce.

The farm market in Hersey is open on Wednesdays from 3 to 6:30.

Hersey Farm Market vendors are working together to set up an overview system where farmers will help check on each other’s produce, Petoskey said. This will help each farmer to keep their fruits and vegetable fresh and chemical-free.

According to Petoskey, the healthy-food initiative formed over the winter and has been gaining ground by working with local businesses to bring fresh produce to markets and restaurants.

“One benefit of organizing like this is being able to approach restaurants that allow farm-to-table together so we aren’t all growing the same thing,” Petoskey said.