A Village Christmas

HERSEY — Residents of Eagle Village celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ at a Christmas program held on Thursday at LightHouse Chapel, located on the Eagle Village campus.

Eagle Village board members, volunteers, mentors, employees and their families as well as members from the community filled the chapel, applauding after every reading, song and skit.

“A lot of the kids we work with have not had the experience of putting together a Christmas program or to understand what the meaning of Christmas really is and how to celebrate that for themselves,” said Lisa Spaugh, Eagle Village marketing coordinator. “Some get involved with the singing portion of the program, some like to help with the props. Everyone has their own thing, but anyone who is interested can get involved.”

About two months of practice and hard work were put into the program, which is held annually at Eagle Village.

“The program gives us all a reminder about what Christmas is all about,” said Jeremiah Ketchum, pastor of LightHouse Chapel. “A lot of our residents missed some of the normal experiences that we had as kids in a healthy home environment where we had school programs or Christmas programs. This opportunity really gives them that fun experience and it gives them some confidence.

“I’m so proud of them. They did a really good job of overcoming their fears, setting aside some of their nervousness, and just stepping up there and doing it.”

Cheryl Davis, a member of South Evart Free Methodist Church, attended the Christmas program to support several residents who have gotten involved with the youth group at her church.

“They come and have fellowship with the kids from our church,” Davis said. “Some of the boys are going to be in our Christmas program at our church this coming Sunday.

“It’s good for the residents to see a church fellowship, a church family, outside of this organization because they may have never experienced that before. Eagle Village has good fellowship here, but this place is like their little protection. To go out and see that there really is real fellowship out there in churches, where people love you and accept you for who you are, is important.”