40th barn quilt hung, with more on the way

LEROY — The little barn at LeRoy’s Farmers Market located just south of town is now sporting the 40th barn quilt on the trail that is spreading rapidly across Osceola County. Ten additional quilts already are in the planning stages, according to Elsie Vredenburg, coordinator of the project.

She predicts that by summer more than 50 barn quilts will be scattered across the county in all directions, and it’s expected that still more will be ordered by then and in various stages of preparation.

She said anyone wishing to be a host site for a block or to help as a volunteer, is welcome to call her at (231) 825-2572 or by e-mail at elf@netonecom.net.

“We’re excited. We knew it would be fun, but this is just growing so fast,” Vredenburg said.

The Osceola County Quilt Trail is a project of the Osceola League of the Arts and Humanities (OLAH). The idea was planted when Vredenburg attended a quilt show in Kentucky in 2009, and she returned to Michigan to nurture that thought into reality. She continues to work with anyone wishing to find out more about such barn quilts, helps with the planning of the painting which means she will do it for individuals, or work out so the owner-to-be actually can help paint it as well.

She also helps in the planning of installing the quilt once it is finished.

Pamphlets are available showing the location of many of the quilts already up, she said. Such maps are available through Vredenburg or OLAH.