$1,800 raised in Evart library basket auction

EVART — This year's annual Evart Public Library basket auction once again proved to be a success, with $1,800 raised.

"It's been a lot of fun," said library director Lilas VanScoyoc. "We've really gotten interest in the baskets in the last few days of bidding."

The auction featured 55 baskets featuring a variety of themes, including children, food and drink, sports, hobbies and books.

Evart resident Gloria Goodrich made sure she was present with her husband at during the final minutes of the auction so no one out-bid her on a basket featuring one homemade pie each month for six months. Protectively watching over the bidding sheet, she won her prize.

"We use the library a lot and you have to support it," Goodrich said when asked why she participated in the event. "The girls here are fantastic, too, and they have baskets for everyone."

The funds raised from the event will benefit the library and assist in repairing a door window broken during a vandalism incident.