SARA LEE REHKOPF: Woman abandoning kittens

To the editor: 

To the woman who dropped off four small kittens on the side of the road before 9 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 12 (just west of the 220th & One Mile Road corner south of Reed City).

You should be ashamed. You dropped them off like they were garbage. My son saw you make two trips from your late model dark SUV to the ditch with something in both hands.

When he walked down to see what you had put in the ditch he found four kittens. There were three all black and one grey and white.

We called Animal Control in Reed City immediately to report you. I hope someone knows you and will call them with your name. As for me, I have a name for you but I’m sure it wouldn’t get printed.

SaraLee Rehkopf