Ruth Mowat: Why I won't vote for Obama


I would like to help you with your “mystery.” It isn't about Mitt Romney it is about almost anyone other than Obama. First I must explain my criteria for critical decisions. My moral compass is defined by my Christian faith. I will not knowingly vote for someone who supports activities forbidden in the Bible.

1. Pres. Obama is OK with the barbaric murder of babies in partial birth abortions.

2. Although claiming to be Christian he says he supports same sex marriage. I know some churches go along with this practice, but the Bible is not a buffet that lets you pick and choose what parts of God's word you find convenient to live by. God created the universe and everything in it. He gets to make the rules. The Bible is the guide He has given us for the life we are to attempt to live. Contemporary society does not get editorial privileges. To be clear, I do not dislike homosexuals, and I have no authority to judge, I am told to love my neighbor, but that does not mean giving support to what the Bible says is wrong.

3. The president takes an oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. Mr. Obama has shown that he is willing to limit certain freedoms like freedom of religion in the first amendment and if re-elected would absolutely try to take away our second amendment rights. He hasn't overtly pushed gun control during his first term because he knew that it would be a deal breaker when he ran for re-election. For anyone who bothered to check his public record before he was national candidate Obama they would have found that he stated his belief that private citizens should not own guns. Every judicial approintment he has made has been people who support strict gun control. The treaty that they are talking about with the U.S. submitting to UN gun control laws shows his true colors.

4. Using his own words when he was running for election. If he failed to produce results with jobs and fiscal prosperity he should be a one term president. In my opinion, these last 3+ years have been an absolute total failure on all fronts. Unlike President Truman who said "The buck stops here" With Obama the plaque would say "Keep it moving, no standing here" I can't think of one positive thing that he has accomplished.

5. He promised transparency. The result. His first major push for legislation was Obamacare. The push was to not give anyone time to read or study it, have his fellow democrats with their majority push it through and worry about what was in it later.

6. The American constitution that I have read several times does not mention the federal government taking control of every phase of our lives. This is reverting back to the master/serf relationship that the pilgrims left Europe to get away from. Our constitution charges the government with enabling people to have the opportunity to work for what they want and success was to be the reward of those who did so. No one is promised a free ride. Mr. Obama talks about Romney's wealth. Isn't it strange that the democratic party had no problem with the wealth of FDR or the Kennedys or John Kerry.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the volumn of reasons I could give you as to why I would never vote for Obama. I was raised in a home where we were taught that no political party has a lock on wise men or fools and to vote for the person, not the party. This is the first time I will vote straight Republican at the national level in hopes that Obama care can be repealed and if the Democratic party makes homosexual marriage part of their platform I will vote Republican at all levels and probably become a political activist for the first time in my life and as I say that I am ashamed that like other members of the silent majority, especially those that profess to be Christian, it has taken a crises to bring action.

Ruth Mowat