RICHARD KARNS: Guild offers something special in Reed City

The Crossroads Theatre Guild has been active in the Reed City and the surrounding communities for some 30 years. The actors performing at the plays have provided many wonderful moments of entertainment, whether serious or comedy. About five years ago, the Crossroads Theatre Guild was able to purchase a building at 249 West Upton Ave., which was previously the First Congregational Church, and had a permanent home. Thus the Crossroads Theatre Performing Arts Center was born.

The Crossroads Theatre Guild Performing Arts Center was always the dream of the early founders, and with the help of grants and the patron support, it has become a reality. The performances at the Crossroads Theatre have given the actors an avenue to express and explore their talents. Our theater has provided an opportunity for some of the actors of the early plays to go on to bigger theaters, and some in the movie industry.

The Crossroads Theatre is not only a venue for plays, but also all kinds of performances. Being the only Performing Arts Center in the surrounding counties, it gives any of the theaters in the area an opportunity to schedule a performance without needing to be dependent on the school’s schedule. This has worked out very successfully for both the visiting theater and the Crossroads Theatre Guild. The Center for Performing Arts has also been used as a venue for an Open Mic Night for singers to perform, and Christmas Special performances.

At 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 28, there will be the third annual Christmas Special. This will be a free-will donation performance with refreshments available. This could be a good way to bring in the Christmas Spirit by singing Christmas Carols and listening to other music. The center was also used for the Miss Reed City Contest, and this past Holloween the center was used for trick-or-treaters. October 31 wasn’t a nice night, so it was more than successful to have the trick-or-treaters get their candy inside. Neither the kids, nor their parents needed to be out in the weather.

The Crossroads Theatre Guild and Center for Performing Arts has been successful because of the commitment of: the officers, board of directors, the actors and people behind the scenes. Without YOU, the citizens of this area, that supports us by attending the different performances, and those business that have advertises in our theater programs and have underwritten some of the plays, we would not be a viable theater. Some of us who are involved are not actors, but support the theater with our time and experience. Those who have experience have it in theater management, directing and producing performances, finding the right props, how to do the lighting and sound, build sets, and how to navigate through the paper work in getting scripts and copy right permission. Mentoring those who will be the future of our theater is an important to us, as it is to any organization.

I hope you will be able to attend the performance on Nov. 28 for the Christmas Special and on Saturday, Dec. 5, for the 7 p.m. Ruby John and the Rectos performance. Tickets are available at the door.

Richard Karns