RICHARD KARNS: Bravo, Reed City Band

I am proud of the Reed City Band. My grandson is in the seventh grade band, and his grandmother and I have gone to as many of his concerts as we can. At the last concert on Feb. 26, we heard our children and grandchildren play with such precision that it was amazing.

On March 11, two quartet groups from the horn section of the Reed City High School Band played for the local AARP Chapter with 26 our members present. We were not only entertained, but impressed as well. The music was wonderful, and their talents were obvious, but what else was obvious was their maturity. How they conducted themselves before, during and after their performance was not only a credit to themselves and their band leader, but to their parents as well.

After they performed and were sharing the itinerary for their next competition, it was pointed out that one of the students, Ben Cooper, a senior, was also scheduled to play a piano solo. We asked him if he would play for us, and with a little encouragement he did. When he played his solo, without any exaggeration, you could imagine you were hearing him playing at Carnegie Hall or some grand place in Vienna. His talent and skill were just that great.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to take the desire and raw talent of students and turn them into a band. A band where everyone is aware of everyone else and what part their particular instrument has to play. This kind of focus is where Mr. Szczerowski (the students and everyone else just calls him Mr. S) comes in. Those of us that have gone to the concerts have seen how Mr. S conducts his band and what he expects of his students. Those of us at the AARP meeting can attest that his students have learned their lessons well.

I want to say to the parents of the students in the Reed City Band Program that your sacrifices of time and money have been well spent.

Thank you,

Richard Karns