PENNY DUNBAR: A big thank you from Pennsylvania


I live in a small town in Pennsylvania. Earlier this week we had lost power because of Hurrican Sandy. We were lucky and not a lot of damage near my home. Many branches were blown down a few trees toppled but nothing major.

I wanted to send a quick note of THANKS to the utility company from Reed City. They had blue trucks and I saw the address on the door was Reed City, MI but I did not get the company name.

The people workingon our street were out in stiff winds and pouring rain trying to get the electric back on. I may be only one person, but I want them to know that I am very grateful to them for getting the electric back on and I very much appreciate their efforts. I don’t know their names and could not thank them personally but if they read this and they were in Canton, Pennsylvania on Monday and Tuesday repairing the electric on High and Trippe Streets, please know I am thankful and very grateful to the help you gave to myself and my town.

It’s wonderful to know that these wonderful people were willing to step out in a storm to aid people they don’t even know.

You are all wonderful.

Thank you from myself and my neighbors.

God Bless.

Penny Dunbar

Canton, Pa