MARYANN BORDEN: Council should not attack clerk

I would like to apologize to the members of the press and public who attended the Evart City Council meeting on Feb. 2. The meeting was focused on awarding one of Evart's finest plus two young men who are continuing their careers in law enforcement.

Prior to the awards ceremony, councilmen and the city attorney conducted an embarrassing display of verbally attacking the city clerk for the better part of 30 minutes. They are unhappy because they think her recording style is too thorough and too cumbersome to read. The clerk defended herself by distributing the "Open Meetings Act" document from the Attorney General's office, stating the legal responsibilities in taking minutes. She defended herself professionally and with civility.

The city of Evart has many, many problems these days and can ill afford to spend this kind of time and energy on such a matter. The citizens of Evart deserve to have their elected officials tend to the business of Evart with the same zeal that they used when they berated the clerk.

Repsectfully submitted,

Maryann Borden