Letter: Crees ridicules those who use prayer for guidance, is worse than Limbaugh

To the editor:
So, Editor Jim Crees, you are excited, how nice for you. Your prejudice against anything or anyone defined as being conservative to any degree has long been apparent in your ramblings. You give lip service to the idea that Americans should be nicer to each other and more tolerant of diverse opinions yet your opinion pieces, whenever dealing with an idea or person that is conservative is about as mean spirited as it gets – both in style of commentary and content. Your opinion column published in the July 27 edition, was extremely offensive. You ridicule Republican politicians who profess that they go to the Lord in prayer to ask for guidance as they considered an important decision. I notice that even in your extreme bias you don’t accuse them of saying God chose them to win, simply that they sought His guidance in making a choice of whether or not to run. There are many of us who do this throughout our lives, and yes, He does answer prayers. God invites His children to talk with Him about whatever is going on in their lives, but then you would probably like to ridicule me too because I “chat” with God daily just like the Bachmanns. Your crude remarks make some of Rush Limbaugh’s comments seem diplomatic by comparison. Your “opinion” pieces would more properly be identified as public endorsements of all ideas and candidates liberal. I won’t sink to your level or style of “journalism” to list the many ways I disagree with that philosophy.

Ruth Mowat