Laser light show safer than fireworks

Dear Editor:

RE: The article "Evart may cancel Fourth of July fireworks show" in the April 22 edition of the Herald Review.

As the Evart City Council discusses whether to cancel this year's fireworks display and looks for alternate ideas, PETA is offering a solution. A laser light show could be projected on a building or other large surface with spectators watching from their cars.

Multiple people were injured last year during a fireworks show near St. Louis when a shell shot into the crowd. And fireworks have proved deadly for animal companions and wildlife as well.

Dogs scared by the deafening explosions have been known to break chains, jump fences, tear through screen doors, and even leap through glass windows in an attempt to escape the noise.

Terrified cats often bolt as well, and animal shelters report an increase in lost animals turning up in the days following fireworks displays.

Startled deer and other animals frequently run into roadways, and birds flee their nests, abandoning their chicks.

Fireworks were blamed for the deaths of 5,000 birds in Arkansas after red-winged blackbirds and European starlings took off in panicked flight.

The night-blind birds crashed into houses, signs and other obstacles, causing blunt-force trauma and death.

Laser light shows are safer for humans, kinder to animals, and less expensive to produce, but provide just as much "ooh" and "aww" for spectators.

Michelle Kretzer