LETTER: Writer takes umbrage with Crees

To the editor:

I really tried not to write this letter but finally decided something had to be said.

Certainly it was a foregone conclusion that during this election year we would get a steady diet of your political views. I would like to respond to three items from two of your recent opinion pieces.

1. Religion is not under attack. I actually agree with that statement in part. Not all religions are under attack, some are even being catered to, but Christianity is most certainly under attack. The worn out argument about tax exempt status has nothing to do with it. Had I the space you enjoy I would explain the very visible results from the prolonged period during which this attack has been occurring.

2. You don’t believe Romney is a viable replacement for the man in the White House. In my book almost anyone would be better than what I have observed during the last three-plus years. Not only the man himself but the trusted advisors with which he surrounds himself. They are in my opinion a rogues gallery of unethical, incompetent, and in Eric Holders’ case, criminal people not to mention choosing someone like Biden to be a heartbeat from the presidency. I would vote for a ticket of Fred Flintsone and Barney Rubble as an alternative.

3. You identify Romney’s address at Liberty University as pandering to religious extremists. I don’t know what you require of someone to fit this definition, but I might fit in. I take the Holy Bible, not current culture as propagandized by an immoral Hollywood crowd in decades of shows and movies promoting the lowest forms of human conduct as acceptable under the banner of “whatever makes you happy is right for you no matter how degenerate” as my authority on acceptable moral standards. I applaud him for stating the Biblical definition of marriage even though I may disagree with him in many other areas.

Some politicians, entertainers, and YES far left media types, I hope, will get a surprise.

I pray that the “middle-of-the-road crowd” will show some common sense and moral integrity, look back on what the fruit of moral decay has been, and vote for a change in direction.

Ruth Mowat