LETTER: The dangers of prescription drugs

To the editor:

As prosecutor for Osceola County, I’ve noticed a substantial increase over the past few years in the number of people abusing prescription drugs.

The majority are obtaining prescription medications illegally from friends or relatives. People seem to not understand that using someone else’s prescription medication is illegal and dangerous. Sharing prescription medication with someone else is also illegal and could make a person liable for any harm that comes to the user.

Help prevent prescription drug abuse by storing drugs in a safe, secure place and disposing of expired or unneeded drugs properly. Osceola County has two disposal sites. The Reed City Police Department and the Osceola Sheriff’s Department have permanent disposal boxes in the lobby. Remove the label or blacken out any personal information and drop it in the box.

People are misinformed as to the dangers of abusing medications believing they are safer than illicit drugs. Abusing prescription medication can cause injury, overdose, death and addiction just like illicit drugs. If it wasn’t prescribed for you, it isn’t safe. If you know someone who is abusing prescription drugs, talk to them about the dangers and get help.

James Sims II

Osceola County Prosecutor