To the editor:
I am a resident in the small town of East Rockaway, N.Y., located on the South Shore of Long Island, N.Y. As you know, our area was recently hit with Hurricane Irene. Although the hurricane was not nearly as devastating as it could have been, many of us were left without power for days. Yesterday I looked out my kitchen window and saw (with relief), three large power trucks heading to my block to fix the transformer that had landed in the road. Much to my surprise, the crew was from Reed City — quite a long way from home. Today, after two days of work, our power was restored! I want to express my gratitude, and that of my family and neighbors, for these wonderful folks who traveled all the way from Michigan, leaving their own families for days/weeks to help our residents. Thank you … to all the Reed City, Michigan power crews — all of you, and your families for loaning you to us! Sincerely,

Kristina Robinson

East Rockaway, N.Y.