To the editor: Over the past 10 years, prescription drug abuse has become the third leading cause of people entering drug treatment programs. Prescription drugs are not safer than illicit drugs if they are taken by anyone except the intended patient. Teenagers as well as adults abuse prescription drugs commonly due to their accessibility in the home. Taking someone’s prescription is as easy as looking in medicine cabinets, cupboards, or drawers when visiting; generally a few tablets taken at a time are not missed by the intended patient. Every day 2,500 teenagers nationwide use prescription drugs to get high for the first time. As a concerned professional, parent, grandparent, and friend, please store prescription drugs in a safe place and not in places available to anyone but the patient for whom the prescription was written. Monitor your prescription bottles and dispose of outdated or unneeded drugs properly. There soon will be disposal sites available 24/7 at law enforcement sites throughout Osceola county, please make the effort to use them and help to stop drug abuse in our county.

Mary Clark RPh.