LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote for Doug Gabert as state representative

As a resident of our 102nd Michigan State House District, a district that has been historically gerrymandered to produce a reliable GOP election outcome, I am urging voters to vote for a change by voting for Doug Gabert, a Democrat.

Our district and the State of Michigan have withstood the results of majority Republican representation for too long and with disastrous results:

1. National standing in education: Education Week, Dec 30, 2015 - Michigan Earns a C-Minus on State Report Card, Ranks 35th in Nation;

2. The overall performance and cost-effectiveness rankings in Reason Foundation’s 22nd Annual Highway Report: Michigan ranks 31;

3. Environment: Our DEQ has a terrible oversight history:

a. The worst on-land oil spill in U.S. history into the Kalamazoo River by the Enbridge, Inc. pipeline company;

b. Continued threat of the oil pipeline crossing the Straits of Mackinac from the same Enbridge, Inc.;

c. Flint water disaster; and

d. Petroleum waste water injection well drilling that threatens our ground water;

4. Right-to-Work, anti-labor legislation was put on the books. That law is designed to cripple labor’s ability to strengthen the middle class with middle-class wages.

Doug’s Republican competition for office, together with her husband, has formed a petroleum well drilling consulting company. One of their primary clients is Cimarex Energy. That company has numerous wells in the 102nd district. The potential for a conflict of interest is obvious without her recusing herself when environmental legislation comes before the state house — thus severely limiting her effectiveness for proper oversight.

Vote for a change. Vote for a pro-democracy, pro-education, pro-worker, pro-environment candidate: Please vote for Doug Gabert on Nov. 8.

Mike Cline,

Big Rapids