LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Marion Fair Board making progress


As we enter the 2017 fair season, the Marion Fair Board would like to take a moment to once again reassure you of our continued commitment to the community and of our genuine dedication to building back confidence and trust that may have been unavoidably and understandably lost. We are focused on re-establishing the foundation by restructuring and rebuilding the organization, and our desire is to put together and present a fair that reflects that commitment. Planning is currently underway, and while there is still much to be done, we are excited about the progress that is being made! However, one thing is for sure — the fair's success has been and always will be credited to the faithful sponsors and volunteers whose support is greatly appreciated and immeasurable. It simply cannot be done without you.

As the planning continues, we promise to keep the community informed about scheduled events, programs and changes. In the meantime, if you have any input or are interested in volunteering or sponsoring the fair in any way, please contact the Fair Office at (231) 667-0481.


Leighann Sikkema and the Marion Fair Board