LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Facing questions about the uncertain future of Chase Library

Sometimes the “Center of a Community” is a park, sometimes it is a school, or a festival, but in the tiny village of Chase and the surrounding townships, it is a library.

The Chase Library is housed in the old Chase School Building in the center or town next to a small playground with a basketball court and a few pieces of equipment. To the passing car or someone who was not familiar with the area, it would seem to be a rather non-descript building that was nothing special and not much to offer.

But to the many people who have passed through those doors, it is not only a building rich in history, but also the only place they have access to the technology of today. Residents, from children to the retired, come to browse through all of the books and use the computers for everything from checking e-mail to job searching and applications. It is the only place that many in this very economically challenged area have access to a computer. In the summer, the reading program brings in 40 - 60 children every year.

Unfortunately, like many other small communities, Chase Township is facing budget cuts and one of the cuts that has been proposed is closing the library. There have been many question raised regarding the use, operations, and funding of the library. Many of these questions will be addressed and hopefully answered at the Chase Township board meeting on Wednesday, May 8, 2013, at 7 p.m. at the Chase Township Hall.

We are asking all who have taken advantage of this wonderful resource to come to the meeting and show their support.

Thank you.

Linda S. mom

Vice President Chase Library Board