LETTER: Split Reed City Council not following charter accordingly

To the editor:

The May 2012 Reed City Council meeting has now taken place, and along with it the city manager was evaluated and found to be only satisfactory and the budget has now been passed for the 2012-13 year.

Both of these items were foretold by Councilman Rathbun in his dramatic eruption at the April meeting as being impossible to accomplish without his presence, but that his frustrations were going to lead him to resign once they were completed.

Well, there was no resignation after the May meeting and none to date.

The point being that this council can come together and transact the city's legitimate business as they are expected to. Where that dynamic breaks down is when violations of the charter, which is enabled by state statutory law and punishable criminally, by the city manager occur as they did in August of 2011. Councilwoman Fuller read aloud from the charter to the council three times the significance of this breach and its consequences before Mayor Danzeisen and council members Fatum, Rathbun and Bisbee voted to approve his actions and pay the bill the manager illegally contracted for, thereby breaking the law themselves.

The manager went on to violate the charter in this same manner in January and there have been other questionable purchasing practices since. Council members Fuller, Anderlohr and Scharlow have steadfastly refused to break the law, have not approved these actions; voting instead to uphold the charter they took an oath to abide by.

This is indeed a 4/3 council; four who wish to break the law, three who wish not to and, instead, uphold the voters' trust.

Warnings do not seem to have an effect, so the prosecutor visited the council to explain that if these four wish to follow down this path, they will be following him into court.

I felt it was necessary the residents had the full story, not just the histrionics.

Darlene Fuller

Reed City Council