To the editor:
Dragging his feet on the “Keystone XL Pipeline” by our President is nothing but a political ploy on his part. He is just stalling the on the project waiting to bring it to bear closer to election time thus having greater impact on his hopes to get re-elected. He says he needs more time to assess the impact on some sensitive areas. If he would perhaps spend a few days performing the duties of the office to which was elected instead of galloping back and forth across the country in campaign mode which is all he has done since the election, He would know that an alternate route has been developed through the sensitive areas. The pipeline that runs from “Prudhoe Bay” to “Valdez” was constructed in the mid-seventies and since has safely transferred upwards of 16 billion barrels with no appreciable problem. As we look at the activates in the mid-east as they grow more and more intense, it certainly behooves us to develop our own capability to provide our own requirements as needed. It is a known fact that as these Asian nations develop and require more and more oil, There will be less and less for us. And, too, the price per barrel will increase as there is less to go around.

Donald Smith

Reed City