To the editor: The last weekend of July a rather ugly incident occurred on the Muskegon River. A large group of tubers in a drunken and ugly state of mind were challenging residents along their route and proceeded to break beer bottles, whiskey and wine bottles in the river. The rowdiness I can understand but he breaking of glass cannot be tolerated, even accidentally. This trashing of the river bottom and shorelines needs to be stopped. Anyone walking or fishing within our rivers are susceptible to cutting of their feet or damage to their waders and even the tubes if the water happens to be shallow at some point. Our bottle and can laws have proven to be very successful in cleaning up our roads but has no effect on the waters of Michigan. What is needed is a law restriction the presence of glass containers on our waters. We are blessed with an abundant source of rivers, streams and lakes that need to be protected and not trashed. Such a law would not cost the government anything and would help our tourist industry by providing a cleaner environment.  

Jerry Powell