LETTER: Basketball coach apologizes for behavior at game on Friday

TO THE EDITOR:  I would like to make a public apology for my behavior at the Reed City vs. Morley Stanwood basketball game on Friday night. As coaches we are suppose to teach lifeskills in responsibility, character, self control and discipline which I failed to display on Friday night. I want to apologize to all the fans from both communities for my actions and display of bad judgment. When a player gets a technical foul in a game it is a teaching moment that we take very seriously. I have no excuse because I know better. I have been coaching high school basketball for 18 years and have never been ejected from a game. My emotions got the best of me and I cost my team and community an opportunity to be successful but more important I didn’t set a good example for my team, my school or my community. In closing I would like to extend congratulations to the Morley Stanwood basketball team and coaches for a hard fought win and an apology to both schools administration if I cause any unneeded stress. I was not asked to write this letter by either school, I just wanted to sincerely apologize to everyone involved.


Boys Basketball Coach 

Reed City High School