Gary Gregory: Crawford upholds oath of office


I’m setting the record straight. I am a sergeant for the Osceola County Mounted Posse. I was at the July 16 meet the candidates night at Lincoln Township Hall. The question to Sheriff Crawford by Mr. Rule was, “Why he doesn’t use the Osceola Posse more for police work.” Mr. Rule is not a posse member nor has he ever attended a meeting that I was at.

Mr. Rule has no idea what our posse is about or how we work with the public and youth of our county. Sheriff Crawford stated that most of the posse members are his age; this is a fact, not a put-down. Mr. Rule chose to add his opinion to a letter and sent it to the editor. Sheriff Crawford was doing just as his oath of office says, to serve and protect. Putting posse members that are not trained in police work out with deputies could get them hurt or killed.

The posse is a completely separate organization from the Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Crawford and the posse work well together in other capacities that don’t involve police work.

Gary Gregory

Sgt. Osceola County Mounted Division