Douglas Trembath: Nestlé request should be approved


I have waited a long time to express my opinion lest I offend some of my friends and neighbors.

Finally, I concluded that their opinions have offended me for some time. Therefore, I share the following.

The Nestlé permit request for 400 gpm should be granted for the following reasons:

1. The Strawberry Lake or Twin Creek watershed has so much water that 400 gpm will have no effect.

2. I ran the Evart City Water Dept. for 12.5 years. Until I retired, I had D-1 and S-2 water licenses from the State of Michigan. I Also worked in the water supply industry for 35 years. In the late 90's we pumped 985 Million gallons in one year. That amounts to an average of virtually 2.700 million gal/day or 1874 g/min. That is over four times the requested amount.

3. The static water level in that wellfield never dropped below 24 feet.

4. Earlier, I ran pump and well efficiency tests while working for a well drilling company. Those results showed more water than anyone could use.

5. I know of at least 50 artesian wells between M-66 and 50th Ave in Osceola County. At least three of those wells put out more than 400 gpm.

6. What isn't drawn out and used will continue to move southwest in the Muskegon River aquifer eventually venting to the river, and Lake Michigan, and the Atlantic Ocean.

7. MCWC's contentions are appealing to emotions and are not consistent with science. A number of their arguments regarding water shortage in various areas are true, but have no impact on water usage in our area, or more importantly, our usage has no effect on their shortage.

8. The request of statewide hearings are an emotional appeal, and a total waste of time and money. Even if other persons were familiar with the science of our watershed, the have no inherent interest. They are in a different watershed.

9. Michigan was recently a net importer of bottled water. More was shipped IN than was sent out to other markets.

12. Why do people buy bottled water? Marketing. If you don't like it, don't buy bottled water, and work with your municipality.

13. If this water was used for Coke or Miller Lite, no one would say anything.

Douglas Trembath