David Rule: Fed up with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

To the Editor:

I am very interested in the office of sheriff in Osceola County.

As a concerned citizen, I was at the Lincoln Township hall for a “Meet The Candidate Night.” I asked a question of Sheriff Crawford. The question was, “Why don’t you use the Sheriff’s Posse for various events.”

The answer staggered me.

Here is what everyone in the room heard. Mr. Crawford said that the reason he was not utilizing the posse is because they are too old.

First of all, let me say that I am embarrassed for the office of sheriff, the Republican Party and all of the citizens of Osceola County. I am shocked and appalled that the sheriff, who admitted that the Posse members were about his age and older, indicated that those people, in his obvious opinion, have apparently outlived their usefulness within the world of volunteerism.

How dare you Mr. Crawford?

By the way, I am just a little older than you. Your own department has a mission and vision statement that says you will strive to create a safe and hospitable environment for the Citizens of Osceola County with special emphasis on the young and elderly.

Mr. Crawford, do you remember your mission and vision statement?

What has happened?

I think that it is a very good guideline. What is next from you?

You are demeaning our citizens based upon their age? Really Mr. Crawford, what is next? I am beginning to worry.

David Rule