DON & KAREN WRIGHT, JOHN HANNA: Thank you from Wright's Bake Shop!

Thirty-five years sure goes by fast when you are busy and happy in what you are doing. This was certainly the case for us at Wright's Bake Shop.

We would like to thank the many community members, Reed City business owners, past Wright's Bakery employees and all of our very loyal and passionate customers for your tremulous support the past month. The past month has been a amazing time for us. In the last 20 days we have waited on 5,460 customers. WOW!

We were astounded by the response of our announcement that we were going out of business. We had no idea we would be so missed!

Thank you to the Pioneer Group and especially Karin and Justin, for all of your great stories and pictures and the video. It was a boast to our spirits to have you come and interview us and our customers. Thanks!

But our biggest thanks goes to the production staff and store staff for working so many overtime hours and keeping our spirits up, you all are wonderful.

It was very humbling to have our customers share what our bakery has meant to generations of their families and what it still means to them. Thank you so much for sharing with us. We do feel part of your families.

After all, we probably made your graduation cake, wedding cake, baby shower cake and your Christmas cookies every year and most likely, employed one or more of your family members, so yes, we are family. Thank you so much for your outpouring of love for us and thanks to our understanding and very hard working staff, we appreciate it more than you could know.

Best wishes to you all,

Karen & Don Wright and John Hanna

BUT the real stars of Wright's Bake Shop are: Angie, Tina, Tammy, Ben, Liz, Kim, Barb, and of course, Jean.