CRAIG TURNBULL: Why do so many voters in this area of Michigan favor Republican candidates?


Why do so many voters in this area of Michigan favor Republican candidates?

Most people vote for the party that their parents and grandparents supported. This makes sense, as the Republican Party of our ancestors was the “party of Lincoln.” Our early political leaders in towns and in townships around this area supported the progressive Republican Party, which opposed slavery and seceding from the union.

The Republican Party has changed drastically since those post-Civil War days, and even more drastically since the days of the conservative party of Bill Milliken, George Romney, Dwight Eisenhower and other moderate Republicans.

At the state and federal level, the Republican Party has been hijacked and has become an extremist party supporting the wealthiest (1 percent) and interests of big businesses. The current Republican Party says they support the middle class, but their actions prove otherwise.

Then how do they get regular folks like us to vote for them?

They accomplish this by spreading fear (especially of Obamacare) and distorting facts.

We need a representative in Lansing from 102nd District who will stand up for our best interests. Unlike the respected Republicans of the past, the current majority in Michigan’s legislature has enacted bills that are putting an unfair burden on the less fortunate, cutting public school funding, cutting budgets of universities which raises college tuition , and taxing pensions of low income workers and retirees.

These “austerity” measures have not worked in Italy, Greece, or Spain. What makes them think it will work in Michigan? Austerity does not equal jobs – it does the opposite. When people don’t have money, they can’t support our local businesses, which then can’t hire people. The unemployment rate in the 102nd district is higher than the state average.

Our community needs independent thinkers in the voting polls this November.

You cannot just vote the way you always have and expect the economy to improve. Our community is losing jobs, not creating them. Consider voting for what is good for you, your family, your community, and the people of the 102nd District.

That is why I will be voting for Brendan Maturen, who is an independent thinker.

Brendan will reach across the aisle to end the gridlock in Lansing and get things done for Michigan and our community. Check out his website at

Republicans, consider splitting your ticket – and vote for the best man.