DINNER BY ME: Eating healthy wet burritos

love eating burritos.

My favorite is the wet burrito. In many ways, a wet burrito is made just like other types, with a large flour tortilla that is filled with various ingredients. Shredded beef is quite popular and traditional for Mexican cooking, this has typically been roasted or otherwise cooked with various spices and flavors.

Ground beef can also be used, though this is commonly viewed as a more American method for preparation, and seasonings are often added to the meat. Beans can be served within a wet burrito, as well as Mexican rice, these can be used without meat for a vegetarian dish.

My mother always made them with ground beef, sauce and cheese. They were awesome, but living in California changed my taste dramatically.

Living in Southern California and working in the restaurant business taught me a lot about different flavors and ingredient. That period of time influenced my take on many of my mother and grandmother’s recipes.

I started making my wet burritos with shredded pork or chicken. I stopped using seasoning packets and picked up fresh ingredients. Preparing a fresh Pico de Gallo and using salsa to slow cook the meat in just became natural. I love it.

The food is good, but for someone who might be watching their weight a wet burrito might not be the best option, but I think the burrito I made can work with most diets.

The best choice would be chicken, but in this recipe I used lean pork tenderloin.