Back in time

30 Years Ago

JULY 23, 1986

The PI Box

There is a lawn mower ad on the tube telling how the thing will always start on the first crank – much to the teenager’s unhappiness.

Wonder how long it will take the kids to jimmy that particular mower?

Then comes the Saturday afternoon call from the Wife – the kids locked Donna’s keys in her car and is there something I could do?

No, but call Ralph Roberts and he should be able to break into the car with his door opening gismo. Ralph was promptly called and the car was quickly opened.

Out to Donna’s for dinner in separate cars as I had to make a stop on the way. Headed home before the Wife only to be greeted by a ringing phone.

Dear, I locked my keys in the car, could you come back with your set? Okay, so it was back to Donna’s and the car was unlocked. But, leave it to son Eric to discover the passenger side window was open all the time.

Nuff said.

50 Years Ago

JULY 14, 1966



Oliver Thompson of Big Rapids has announced plans to purchase the Northland Dairy at 530 River Street, Evart, from General Foods Corporation for operation as a bottling plant. Mr. Thompson is associated with Liberty Dairy, an affiliate of Dean Foods, 3600 River Road, Franklin Park, Illinois.

Mr. Thompson stated that he expects to purchase bulk milk from the approximately 150 Northland Dairy producers and to employ many of the 17 persons who now operate the facility for General Foods. Northland Dairy consists of a main processing building, a boiler house and shop and a garage, all of modern, cement-block with space of about 28,000 square feet. Also involved in the transaction are eight bulk milk pick-up trucks.

“We are delighted that Mr. Thompson’s acquisition of our facilities will make it possible for producers to have a continued uninterrupted outlet for their milk right in their immediate locality,” said Robert P. Mears, plant manager for General Foods. “And we are equally pleased that Mr. Thompson has expressed interest in hiring a number of the employees who have served our company so long and so faithfully.

General Foods built Northland Dairy in 1948 and has used the facility for producing milk crumb, a product containing dried milk and sugar which is used as a base for making bulk chocolate. General Foods will remove and retain the crumb equipment and Mr. Thompson will install bottling processing equipment in its place.

69 Years Ago

JULY 24, 1947

(1946 microfilm missing from library)



There will be a Michigan Tuberculosis Association Unit meeting at the Osceola County Court House in Reed City on Tuesday, July 29. A small fee of $2.00 will be charged those who can afford to pay it.



Dr. Jacob Bruggema removed an opened safety pin from the throat of the 15-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Peterson Tuesday morning.

The youngster had tried to swallow the pin and it was lodged half way down the throat. He was able to remove the pin without the delicate surgery that usually is necessary in such cases.


Mrs. Ray Zimmerman attended the Grant Center Ladies Aid at the home of Mrs. Jesse Hyrnes last Thursday afternoon.

Miss Eunice Farrer of Pellston, who is attending the Ferris Institute this term, and Miss Margaret Haist, visited Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wein and daughter, Marilyn of Midland last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Finucane and daughters spent last Wednesday with relatives at Lakeview. Michael Stewart returned home with them and spent the week with relatives here and in Reed City.

90 Years Ago

JULY 21, 1926


Last Thursday morning was the regular meeting of the Evart Agriculture Association. Several members gave interesting accounts of their last summer’s projects, some of which were quite profitable.

-Loren Niergarth received a profit of $245.86 from a potatoes project.

-Elia Owen received a profit of $122.19 from a corn project.

There were also reports given by Alma Yorks, Ruby Spielburger and Forrest Williams.


Ionia arrivals, who spent the weekend in Evart, were Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Markle; Mr. and Mrs. Earle Seely and daughter, Geraldine; Mr. and Mrs. Lester V. Ross; and Culbertson. Mr. Ross is the superintendent of construction of the Ionia State Hospital. Culbertson Ross is an Alma College senior. The Ross’ were guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Hubbard.


Candy, Fancy Work, and Dolls at the Bazaar at the Masonic Hall, Saturday next. –adv.

110 Years Ago

JULY 20, 1906



Mrs. Dorothy E. Duesler died at her home in Hersey, Wednesday, aged 60 years. She had lived in this county 39 years and was for several years a resident of this village. Her husband died about two years ago; two children survive her, C. E. and Mrs. Wave Musgrove, both of Hersey. Funeral this afternoon.

John W. Birdsall was a Reed City visitor, Tuesday, looking after camp meeting affairs. He states that never before were the prospects so bright as this year for a successful meeting, over fifty families having already applied for quarters on the camp grounds. The meeting will be held August 2 to 12, inclusive.

Work has been commenced upon improvements on the Thompson warehouse, purchased last week by H. Elmer Mosely. It will be changed into a cold storage warehouse.

Messrs. Hunter Bros. have closed a purchase of 3000 acres of pasture land near Chippewa Lake, Mecosta County, known as the Sullivan Ranch. They have already placed fifteen cars of western sheep on the property.

130 Years Ago

JULY 17, 1886


The Reed City base ball club downed the Cadillac club yesterday afternoon by a score of 7 to 1.

About sixty of our people went to Reed City last night and attended the Camilia Urso concert.

Chase base ball club plays at Evart on Tuesday afternoon next; an interesting game may be expected.



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