Back in time

70 Years Ago

OCTOBER 6, 1943


Davy No. A-1 – Prospects of an east extension of the Evart oil field, or of the discovery of a new field were dimmed by the disappointing showing of the Davy No. 1 well drilled in by Sun Tuesday.

Hopes ran high when the well flowed 50 barrels of fluid into the tanks in an hour, but the natural flow failed to last and the well was reported to be making considerable water on Thursday. Sun is erecting tanks and preparing to acidize in an attempt to improve production.

80 Years Ago

OCTOBER 5, 1933


Buying Cream – Poultry and eggs, at my house, one block west and three north of A & P Store. Testing Monday afternoon, Wednesday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening. Phone 53-F3. Highest prices paid. J. W. Davis. –adv.

Mrs. G. W. Corey and children accompanied Mr. Corey to Traverse City, Thursday, to attend a coroners’ convention. While Mr. Corey was attending the convention they spent the day touring that fine city.

Mrs. Nausebaumer and son, Edward, spent Sunday at the Frank Church home.

North Hersey:

Mr. and Mrs. J. Fry who have spent the summer at the Boyd home returned to Sparta last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Vern Teesdale were callers at the Boyd home Monday.

Mrs. S. J. Leach was quite seriously hurt last week when she fell down the cellar stairs.

100 Years Ago

OCTOBER 3, 1913


Public Meeting – Two weeks previous we printed an article boosting a gymnasium for our city. The matter has been talked over and thought about with much interest manifested. Several prominent citizens have suggested that a meeting be called where all who are interested can voice their sentiments. The suggestion is a good one, so a meeting will be called at 7:30 Wednesday evening in the band hall where the proposition can be discussed and further suggestions made. Help Boost This Thing Along!

Attention Methodists – Owing to the absence of the pastor at conference, there will be no preaching services on Sunday at the M. E. Church, and it has been thought best to take up the Sunday school, therefore, there will be no session of the school next Sunday. W. J. Percival, Supt.

Mrs. W. E. Orton, of Big Rapids, who visited friends in the village for a few days, returned home Wednesday.

Peter Thomson, who recently disposed of his farming interests in Osceola Township, was doing business here during the first of the week. His present address is Reed City, care of Chas. Lind, Route 5.

Mrs. Elzora Hardy has returned from Rockford where she went to attend the funeral of her mother. While there she also attended the West Michigan State Fair. Notice – The Woman’s Club programs are at W. F. Umphrey’s office and any one of the members who has not been supplied with one may get one by calling for it.

Miss Rachel Collins, of Hartwick is attending the Evart High School.

110 Years Ago

OCTOBER 1, 1903


Mr. Perley Johnson, who has been in the employ of the L. Stephenson Lumber Company, at Wells, Menominee County, Mich., is now in the employ as office man for the Champion Tool & Handle Works in this village. Mr. Johnson is an old Evart boy, a good all-around fellow and citizen, and his many friends are pleased to have him as a fellow townsman again. He is looking for a house, and expects his wife and little daughter here as soon as he is prepared for them.

Born, of Sept. 9, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas Dumon, a son. The event occurred on the 60th birthday of the grandfather, Dr. Dumon, and the date is therefore made doubly notable in the annals of the family.

School Notes:

-Much needed improvements in the ventilating system are being made.

-The high school enrollment is 88, about 20 more than can be conveniently accommodated in the assembly room.

-Considering the fact that so many changes were made in the corps of teachers, school has opened most auspiciously.

-Monday the Athletic Association held a meeting to elect officers and discuss plans for the football season. There is plenty of material for a good team. Practice has begun, so we hope soon to be ‘rolling up the score’.

120 Years Ago

OCTOBER 6, 1893



Andrus – Big-Drive-in-Shoes!! For the next 30 days at Andrus. They must go to make room for more Winter goods. “The Leader!” The best $2.00 ladies shoes ever offered to the people. These shoes are manufactured expressly for me, every pair marked “Andrus’ $2.00 Leader.” –adv.

~ Davy & Company ~

Fall Announcement: We have taken advantage of the low prices ruling east to make liberal selections and can now offer the best and cheapest stocks of goods ever shown in Evart. While the times may be close you will need the usual quantity of merchandise this season, and the question is where to get the most value for your money.

Dress Goods – 34 inch suiting, 20 cents; 27 inch all wool flannels, 25 cents. Wash Goods – Turkey red prints, 6 cents yd.; Dress Ginghams 8 and 10 cents. Millinery – We open this week our fall line of millinery. This department is located in the rear of the Dry Goods Department, formerly occupied by the Cloak Department. It is in charge of Mrs. Hitchcock, of Grand Rapids, who will be pleased to see her old customers and as many new ones.

You are cordially invited to call and inspect our stock whether you wish to purchase or not. We can show as complete an establishment as regards arrangement and assortment as there is to be found in Northern Michigan. –adv.

140 Years Ago

OCTOBER 5, 1873


L. B. Hovey – Large stock of saddlery must be sold. Whips, nets and seagrass hammocks. Horse blankets and lap robes. Buffalo, wolf and rat skin robes. Whips for the gentlemen and bull whacker complete outfits for the nobby private team and the lumberman’s team. These, plus all the thousand and one articles of every kind which go to make up the largest stock ever offered in the Saginaw Valley! L. B. Hovey, East Saginaw –adv.

To owners of dogs – Notice is hereby given that we are now prepared to issue licenses for the keeping of dogs according to the act of the legislature, approved April 30th, 1873. But two dogs in the town of Evart and Osceola are legally licensed. All dogs not so licensed are to be shot and all persons keeping them fined a dollar. J. Allen, Town Clerk of Evart and W. Lewis, Town Clerk of Osceola.

Married – At the residence of the bride’s parents on the 20th inst., by the Rev. N. Bronson, Mr. Arnold J. Lancaster and Miss Evelyn Porter, both of Reed City.