Back in time

40 Years Ago

JUNE 14, 1973


Stuart M. Reed, vice-president of manufacturing for American Motors, announced a $2.6 million expansion of Evart Products Company at the Evart High School commencement held last Sunday afternoon.

This expansion, the second one within the past year and the ninth in the company’s history, will push the employment level above the 1,000 mark by early fall, Reed said.


Will the person or persons who took the small safe from my home PLEASE return the papers! Marshall Waldron.

Pamela, Cynthia and Alice Hodges, Leslie Head and Jada Ryan were going to Grand Rapids and on the way stopped and picked up Vickie Truesdale then went on to Grand Rapids, Friday.

Service Address: S.N.M.S.T. Gerald Nichols, USCGC Staten Island, WAGB 278, FPO Seattle, Washington, 98799.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lashua and Mrs. Lea Bieri spent Friday with their sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wall.

Mrs. George Parsons and children went to Holton to attend an open house for her niece on Saturday afternoon.

Incumbents Dale Carmichael and Joseph Parsons were re-elected to the Board of Education in the Monday election.

60 Years Ago

JUNE 18, 1953


Mr. and Mrs. E. Parsons, who started a canoe trip up the Muskegon River a week ago Sunday with Houghton Lake as their destination, were forced to abandon the trip a short distance above the mouth of the Clam River on Thursday. They found the Muskegon River clogged with fallen trees that would have necessitated a series of difficult portages. When they turned back downstream after four days of upstream travel, they again ran into trouble with a fouled sparkplug in their car. Despite their difficulties, they report a grand trip and recommend the Muskegon as a fine vacation spot.


The Evart Products Co. took another step toward the start of full time operation last week when their office was moved from temporary quarters in the Evart Inn to the new building, and part of an office staff was assembled.

Key personnel from out of town are: Martin Silovich who will act as plant manager and Ervin Gornik who has accepted the position of master


The skeleton staff, already on the job includes Carol Toth, a 1953 graduate of Evart High School and Elmer Rohen who resigned as manager of the Davy & Co. meat department to accept a position at the plant.

80 Years Ago

JUNE 17, 1933


Turner Auto Co. – Don’t take a chance on thin slick tires! Remember that brakes stop only your wheels; it takes tires that grip to stop your car. For your own and your family’s safety, buy new Goodyears now! The new cost is so small it’s not worth thinking about and you may save a lifetime of regret. Goodyear All-Weather tires, The World’s most popular tire, $5.65 at Turner Auto Co. –adv.

First National Bank – The devil and the deep sea. Most people think that is where they stand today in financial matters.

The banks are also in a somewhat similar position. However, things are not so bad as they appear. This country is making giant strides toward the restoration of financial


This cannot be done in Washington. The financial restoration of the nation depends just as much upon your dollar as upon any city or national dollar. The wealth of the nation is made of small accounts. This bank has confidence in the national program. We need your confidence. Call and discuss the matter. –adv.

100 Years Ago

JUNE 13, 1913


Twenty-four of our citizens have formed an organization which they have named the Country Club, for the purpose of building a club house at Big Lake. The foundation has been laid. The building will be 33 by 63 feet, two stories high.

Deputy Warden Will Kidder visited Strawberry Lake one evening last week and caught three men spearing fish. They were arrested and fined

$11 each.

Henry Klondyke and Miss Sarah Marshal were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Marshal, in Reed City, Thursday evening.

YES! We have a few more of them pussy Steers. If you don’t believe it call in and see for yourself. It will do your stomach good to look at it, if you don’t buy any, and we will meet you with a Smile. Remember, I pay more money for good Stock than anyone else. Ah! Lewey! Foxy Grandpa. –adv.

Money to Loan on Real Property and Good Cattle Security. W. F. Umphrey, Evart, Mich. –adv.

120 Years Ago

JUNE 16, 1893


Mrs. Harris’ millinery opening is tomorrow. A fine line of children’s hats may be had. –adv.

Sufferers from Rheumatism of the heart will find “Adironda,” Wheeler’s Heart and Nerve Cure, a never failing relief and cure, if taken properly. For sale by J. H. Voller. –adv.

The Odd Fellows Celebration is in Grand Rapids next week. On account of this the F. R. & I. R. R. will sell excursion tickets to Grand Rapids at the rate of one and one-third fare for the round trip. –adv.

The greatest worm destroyer on earth is Dullam’s Great German Worm Lozenges, only 25 cents per box. For sale by J. H. Voller. –adv.

River Street Greenhouse – Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, Decorations, and Vegetable Plants suitable for Fall harvest. E. C. Stoddard. –adv.

140 Years Ago

JUNE 15, 1873


Mr. West Granby is building a plank house on Oak Street, between Fifth and Sixth.

Messrs. Stewart and Gardner are building two dwellings on the corner of Sixth and Oak Streets, valued as high as one thousand dollars each.

Mr. Taylor has, in process of erection, a very neat cottage on Hemlock Street, south of the railroad.

Mr. L. E. Cone will erect a dwelling for renting purposes on Oak Street, north of Sixth.

Mr. E. F. Stevenson has commenced the erection of a dwelling on Eleventh Street between Pine and Hemlock.

The above are only a part of the buildings that are being put up in this village at the present time and the indications are that the summer of 1873 will be more prosperous for mechanics and builders than either of the two preceding.

Weather moderating

Roads finally getting better.

Measles are raging in this area.

Another death from spinal fever last week.

A brother craftsman of the Big Rapids Pioneer called on us Monday.