20 Years Ago

JUNE 2, 1993


By Max Cooper

REED CITY – The Osceola County Board of Commissioners avoided taking an official stand on Proposal A.

However, there may be excitement on other matters at future meetings.

Commissioner Ivan Giese, LeRoy, told his fellow commissioners, Tuesday night, that he intends to present proposals for two new county ordinances.

One proposed ordinance would control “junk”  accumulations. The other, if passed, would put a damper on such “nuisances” as noise and loud parties.

Giese set himself no firm deadline for presenting the proposed ordinances.

At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Board of Commissioners, there was some discussion on Proposal A which will be on the ballot June 2.

But the commissioners, without a vote, decided not to take a formal stand.

Proposal A, if approved by voters, will shift some of the school financing burden from the property tax to the sales tax and will provide a rollback of property tax assessments this year.

Commissioner Donna Denslow, of Evart, said that she differs with Giese on Proposal A. She supports it. But, she added, she believes it is not appropriate for the county commissioners to pass a resolution taking any position on the matter.

80 Years Ago

JUNE 10, 1943


Seven demonstrations on canning are to be given in Osceola County on June 22 and 23. In order to save travel they will be held in the following places:

June 22 – Hersey School and Lincoln Townhall at 10:00 a.m.; LeRoy and Reed City Schools at 2:00 p.m. June 23 – Tustin School at 10:00 a.m.; Marion and Evart Schools at 2:00 p.m.

An important part of the demonstration will be on other phases of food preservation including drying, pickling, freezing and storing.


Pvt. Russell Miller is home on furlough from California. He has been assigned to a post in Texas, where he will report at the end of his furlough.

Tech. Sgt. Frederick Miles has been assigned to Officers’ Training School in England.

A photo was printed in this issue of the Evart Review showing “Signalman Keith Bregenzer in South African uniform which he received after losing his clothing when his ship was torpedoed.”

Ens. Fred B. Smith and Ershal Dage are in North Africa.

Cpl. William Church, who was born and brought up in Evart, was working at Willow Run when he was inducted last November 7. He wears a medal with three bars for rifle marksmanship, for machine gun shooting and for proficiency with the bayonet. Cpl. Church, who is married, is stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.