20 Years Ago

MAY 19, 1993


REED CITY – Although the gypsy moth hatch is just underway, the hungry caterpillars are already stripping Osceola County’s trees and small plants.

The Osceola County gypsy moth suppression program is monitoring the situation, waiting for the perfect time to spray the 3,500 county acres included in this year’s program.

The program’s aerial spraying is expected to take place during this week or possibly next. Daily monitoring of the caterpillars and leaf development, along with the monitoring of the weather conditions will determine the actual spray time.

The best time to spray is after the hatch when the caterpillars are young and much more sensitive to the spray.

The insecticide used in the spray, Bacillus Thuringensis (B. T.), is not a chemical, but a naturally occurring bacterium grown by fermentation. The bacteria produces a toxin that paralyzes the stomach lining of the caterpillars, and kills them. B. T. is only harmful to small, leaf eating caterpillars. It will not harm bees, mammals, birds, fish, other insects or humans.

60 Years Ago

MAY 28, 1953


Grand Opening of the Sip ‘N Nip drive-in restaurant is set for Saturday, June 13, in a new building on US-10, across from the new factory in Evart. Marlowe and Gracie Kimball, owners, will serve shrimp, hamburgers and chicken in baskets with French fried potatoes.

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Bell spent the weekend in Mt. Pleasant with their children.

Rev. and Mrs. Frank Cooper and Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Corey went last Saturday to see their son and nephew, Dwight Cooper, who is stationed at Camp Atterbury, Ind.

Mrs. C. L. Rose was in Grand Rapids a week ago Thursday where she was guest speaker at the Grand Rapids Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Mrs. Earl Lloyd and Sandra spent Tuesday with Mrs. Dale Lloyd and Becky.

80 Years Ago

MAY 25, 1933


Let’s use alcohol – This is not an argument for the saloonkeeper or the bootlegger. But it is an attempt to popularize the use of alcohol in internal combustion engines. The experiment is now being tried in Illinois and Iowa, where a surplus corn crop makes cheap alcohol possible. If the experiment is successful, it will mean a new market for corn and consequently higher prices for the grower.

Texaco – Say “YES” to Havoline, the new Waxfree motor oil. These milder days are dangerous for any car still being run on thinned-out, winter-worn oil. Drive around and let us refill with dependable oil. –adv.

Over 35,000 wage earners need your help! You can help at no cost to yourself. When you need sugar, buy Michigan Made Beet Sugar. Over 35,000 Michigan Wage earners depend on the sale of Michigan Made Beet Sugar for a living. If you don’t buy Michigan Made Beet Sugar, you help the foreigners.

100 Years Ago

MAY 23, 1913


The ball players of Reed City and Evart are organizing clubs.

A young man named Henry Williams, 23 years of age, was drowned near the Strawberry Lake mill on Friday, May 11. He fell off the boom on which he was working, swam to a log nearby when he was taken with a cramp. He grasped his hat and sank to rise no more. He was known to be an expert swimmer. The body was recovered and taken charge of by Undertaker Davis and was sent to relatives at Grand Rapids.

Jim Gleason, of Detroit, spent a few days in Evart this week, on his way to Colorado. B. S. Adset, U. S. Mail Inspector of Chicago, called on Postmaster Sayles this week.

E. J. Randall has purchased the Holden property on North Main St.

Dick and Miss Alice Holden have started out for Jamestown, Dakota, where they join their brother.

Amos G. Tennant has sold his farm in Orient Township to an outside party. Consideration, $3,500. He expects to move to Kalamazoo.

Postal Hardware Co. – Sale on Majestic, the Range with a Reputation. Owing to the great success of our Majestic Range Sale, of March 3 to March 8, we have with us the next two weeks, Mr. H. H. Thick, representing the Majestic Mfg. Co. We will demonstrate at our store every Saturday and drive the country thru this week. With each and every sale the company will give an 11-Piece set of Ware FREE. This ware is valued at $8.00. –adv.

120 Years Ago

MAY 26, 1893


Jurors – The following are the names of the jurors drawn to serve at the June term of the Circuit Court, which will convene at Hersey, the first Monday of next month.

H. L. Starks, Burdell

Hervy C. Gordon, Orient

Henry Wagner, Sylvan

J. Henry, Evart

Joseph Wigglesworth, Osceola

Charles Bennett, Hartwick

John Vance, Hersey

Nels Nelson, Rose Lake

Elmer Brink, Sherman

Frank Lampman, Richmond

Jesse Genow, Lincoln

Chas. H. Grant, LeRoy

John F. Lindberg, Burdell

William F. Tule, Orient

Frank Gaunt, Sylvan

John H. McMullen, Evart

Henry Starkey, Osceola

Clark Rawson, Hersey

Marvin W. Hartley, Rose Lake

Allen Bookwalter, Sherman

Daniel Franke, Richmond

Lewis Portisou, Lincoln

Lewis Wenzel, LeRoy

A. W. Somers, Burdell

Best Cure – My wife has been suffering with female trouble of the severest kind for over three years. I have paid over twenty-five dollars during the last three months and she had no relief. She had doctored continually with the best of physicians. I bought three bottles each of Dullam’s Great German Female Uterine Tonic and Dullam’s Great German Blood, Liver, Stomach and Kidney Cure and can say to-day that she is entirely cured. W. H. Drowley.

140 Years Ago

MAY 2, 1873


More logs will be hung up this year than last, unless we have more rain.

Keep the feet dry, the head cool, and don’t sit on the grass.

Mr. Wm. L. Webber, Land Commissioner of the F.&P.M. R.R. called upon us a few days since. He, with Mr. Edwin Saunders have been looking over the village to see wherein improvements can be made to the interest of the company and village.

Gustav Steinborn has opened a new tailor shop over Smith & Pitts store, he keeps constantly on hand cloths and trimmings of all kinds.

E. F. Shaw and Wm. Hamblin, are having their buildings painted up0 in first class style.

The main shaft in the Lamb and Mathews mill gave out Wednesday, and stopped the run for a few hours.

Mr. W., H. Lancashire has turned the contract, for street clearing, over to A. P. Wait.