70 Years Ago

MAY 6, 1943


Mrs. Oliver Johnson is the new clerk in Davy’s grocery.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Cooper and family, were Sunday dinner guests at the Ernest Tiedt home.

Mrs. Orlo Belleville spent Wednesday at the home of Mrs. C. W. Shanafelt.

Arthur White has moved his family to Jackson.

Two Reed City families are trading houses, one in town and one on a farm. Interesting.

Buy War Bonds every pay day – let’s double our quota and show them what we are made of.

Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Hoverter and family spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Maddern.

Mrs. Minnie McFarlane, of Hersey, spent the weekend with Mrs. Robert Bregenzer.

Evart Theatre – Tues., Wed., and Thurs., Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in “Road to Morocco.” Friday and Saturday, Johnny Mack Brown and Tex Ritter in “Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground.” Sunday and Monday, Cary Grant and Jean Arthur in “The Talk of the Town.”

100 Years Ago

MAY 2, 1913



Christian Endeavor meeting at the Presbyterian Church Sunday evening at 6 o’clock. Topic: The Medical Missionary. There will be an illustrated talk on the work of David Livingston in Africa.

Misses Emings and Huntoon entertained the normal training class at the home of the former, Thursday evening.

The Metropolitan Ladies Orchestra at the opera house Tuesday evening was the most satisfactory yet offered on the entertainment course.

Richard M. Morrison and Miss Elsie O. Withers were united in marriage by Rev. R. C. Mason, cousin of the bride, at the home of the bride’s parents, on Saturday evening last.

A. E. Curtis and daughter, Violet, have completed their move here from Reed City. Mr. Curtis is employed by J. C. Houghton in his cigar factory.

Several young ladies of the area were entertained by Miss Lucile Seath Saturday late afternoon for tea. A good time was reported by all.

110 Years Ago

MAY 7, 1903


Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Birdsall entertained a number of their friends at dinner Tuesday evening, and afterwards at duplicate whist.

On account of counter attractions last Friday evening, the attendance at the Junior Band concert was not as large as it ought to have been, but it is said by those attending, the program was very satisfactory.

The attendance at the health meeting at Mrs. Deshetler’s last Friday was large and enthusiastic. After the meeting, apples and popcorn were served by the trustees.

Messrs. Geo. F. Andrus, O. C. Bath, Dr. J. M. Wilkinson, G. R. Tummonds and Geo. W. Minchin, were at Big Rapids, last Friday evening, for the purpose of taking the Red Cross degree in the Commandry of Knights Templar.

Mrs. E. W. Boughton and her little niece Hellen Elizabeth Sayles, of Greenland, Mich., are visiting their relatives in Evart, Mrs. B. expecting to be here for a couple of weeks at any rate.

The Junior and Sophomore classes of the Evart High School enjoyed a wagon ride out to the Hugh Alexander farm home, in Evart Township last night. They arrived home at an early hour this morning and report a pleasant time.

120 Years Ago

MAY 5, 1893



The annual meeting of the Pioneers of Osceola County will convene at Reed City, next Wednesday and Thursday. It is expected that the attendance from the outlying towns and villages will be considerable.

Gentlemen representing all the stock of the new State Savings Bank, met Tuesday and paid in their capital stock, and perfected arrangements for commencing business on Monday next.

The Evart Village Council has determined to cut off some of the fringes from the bill of fare at the village lockup, and prescribed by resolution, that it should in future consist of bread, beans, water and mush. Entertainment, in the way of digging stumps, will be provided in the spring time, for chronic bums who choose to spend much of their time as guests of the village.

Complaints have been made that boys have damaged fire alarm boxes by throwing stones and clubs at them. It is to be hoped that the village will not have to take severe measures to prevent a repetition of the offense.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer MacReary, of Ionia, have moved their home to Dighton. The MacRearys have seven children which will add greatly to the Dighton school.

130 Years Ago

MAY 4, 1883



We have it from good authority, that Dr. Earl, the obliging landlord of the Earn House up river some twenty miles, has sold the hotel property, and will join the army of tiller so the soil.

Mr. Reik pushed his ice business all winter in order to secure the required amount for his customers, and now reveals that he has been successful and will have plenty for all until next winter.

It has been reported that while Mrs. Scram was away from her home of at Luther, burying her husband, some rascal stole all her stove wood – about one and one half cords. Brave deed, that.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Masters, of Greenville, Mich., are month-long guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Holmes at their farm near Marion.

The weather is fine and getting finer as the days go by. Get ready for a sunny summer.

The gentleman – a farmer – writing to The Review from Reed City, and mailing an advertisement for insertion in our paper, neglected to sign his name, so we cannot comply with his wishes. Will the gentleman please send his name to us at once.

140 Years Ago

MAY 2, 1873


Hersey – Jas. McKinstry has bought 40 acres of the F. & P.M. R.R. land near here, this week at $15 per acre.

Hersey – Judge Rurch started for Lansing on Tuesday to serve as a delegate to the State Convention.

Orient – Messrs. J. R. McGlone and Co.’s mill has not been running for a few days past on account of some repairs that are being made.

We learn that the residence of W. Bostwick caught fire one day this week but was fortunately noticed and extinguished before much damage was done to same.

LeRoy - Miss Elizabeth Durcy is visiting her cousins, John and Millie Sauers for the summer, her school, at which she is the teacher, having closed its spring term early due to the youngsters being needed to help with summer work at their various farms.

Mr. Samuel W. Worth and Miss Eleanore J. Bishop were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey S. Bishop, by Rev. Maurice R. Halliday on Wednesday evening last.