70 Years Ago

APRIL 8, 1943


Nutritionists are agreed that children need at least 1 qt. and adults 1 pt. of pasteurized milk or its equivalent daily. The reason is that milk is a rich source of calcium – an essential in a healthful diet – and also supplies other minerals, vitamins and proteins. So we don’t blame you for worrying if your family doesn’t drink milk.

But have you tried making them EAT their daily quota? They will – and like it – if you will use milk in cereals, soups, main dishes, desserts, and the like. It’s just as nourishing this way as out of a tumbler, and often a lot easier to take.

Here is a table of milk equivalents that will help you estimate the milk values in your meals.

Equal 1 Quart Whole Milk

2 c. evaporated milk.

About 1/3 lb. American cheese.

1 qt. buttermilk or skimmed milk plus 1 ? ounces butter or vitamin-fortified margarine.

80 Years Ago

APRIL 13, 1933


Gordon Tyler made a business trip to Detroit Monday afternoon.

Robert Bregenzer and sons attended the hardware convention in Grand Rapids, this week.

Mrs. Margaret Jagger and son, Orville, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Alexander and the Chester Lashua family at South Evart.

Lawrence Gadsen was in Reed City Thursday.

Mrs. S. J. Martin and Miss Angeline Landon were hostesses at a benefit bridge party for the Woman’s Club Monday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Jud Roe entertained the supper club of which they are members at their home Wednesday evening.

90 Years Ago

APRIL 6, 1923


Sears – Wilbur Palmer went to Flint last Thursday to look over the work proposition.

Reed City – Two of the town’s gents are sporting fine looking new autos.

Herbert Tanner is home from work this week because of illness.

Leroy Davenport has been appointed street commissioner in place of Steve Cruikshank, who resigned.

100 Years Ago

APRIL 11, 1913


Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Mills and daughter, Mrs. J. W. Roe, are at Detroit to attend the automobile show this week.

Hugh Alexander and son, William, spent several days during the first of the week as guests of his daughter, Mrs. F. W. Davis and family, at Lansing.

Mr. and Mrs. Myrle Crosley, of Reed City, were Sunday dinner and afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bates.

Mrs. Ed Carmichael and Mrs. Myron VanPiper will entertain the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church Tuesday next at 2:30 p.m., at the home of Mrs. VanPiper on North Pine Street.

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Glerum and Mrs. W. F. Umphrey spent Sunday under the parental roof at LeRoy.

Harry Strait called at the home of C. M. Beebe on Sunday.

110 Years Ago

APRIL 9, 1903


Earl Davis left this morning on a business and pleasure trip to Buffalo, N. Y.

W. H. Bennett attended the Grand Lodge F. and A.M. at Detroit this week, as representative of the Evart Lodge.

On Friday night Miles Maddern gave a party to his friends at his home in Evart Township, at which there were seventy-five.

Ten young men of our town met last Friday evening and organized a club to be known as the E. I. A. (Evart Independent Athletes).

A merry carriage and wagon ride party, consisting of the Junior Class, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Roxburgh and the Misses Wolfe and Burch, were entertained last Friday evening by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Arndt, of Avondale. A grand time was reported by all.

120 Years Ago

APRIL 14, 1893


S. C. Mansfield and wife and Wren Lawrence and wife, visited in Fork last Sunday.

Sears – Farmers of this section are having their wheat ground and are feeding it to their hogs, reporting it to their advantage at the present price of wheat.

W. J. Ramsey, who has been looking over land in the Upper Peninsula this winter, has just returned to Evart on a visit to C. E. Bell’s.

Rabbits are so thick in these parts that we hear of much damage being done to fruit trees.

Miss Kate Stewart, of Washington, Mich., is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. Latta.

130 Years Ago

APRIL 13, 1883


The Arabella Root concert company, which is to be here on Saturday next, is composed of the following excellent artists: Miss Arabella Root, prima donna; Miss Addie Burrett, cornet soloist; Miss Clara Marray, solo harpist; Prof. Louis F. Boos, the famous Michigan cornetist, and Mr. Frederick Rugg, a renowned basso-profeudo. It is a first-class troupe.

M. B. Hooker, proprietor, will give a grand “sciopticon exhibition” at the National Hotel hall, Sears, on Tuesday evening. Admission: tickets sold during the day, 20 cents; in the evening, 25 cents; children, 14 cents. After the entertainment a social dance will take place and music will be furnished by Beeman’s string band.

140 Years Ago

APRIL 11, 1873


Young American is on hand as usual. We have a baseball club already organized.

Election tickets may be had at this office on short notice. Send in your orders.

“This is the rock of ages,” said a father, after rocking two hours, and baby still awake.

What stacks of clothing at the Pioneer Clothing House, Post Office building.

The latest paper collar out is the Credit Mobiler. It is reversible.

Our village can boast of three first class fully stocked clothing stores.

To dispel darkness from about you make light of your troubles.

Every other man you meet now-a-days is a sewing machine agent.

We received a call from S. F. Dwight, of Hersey, on Monday.

Building material begins to make its appearance in all directions.

We learn that there are several cases of measles in town.

The sound of the carpenters hammer can now be heard.

Moving day is drawing near with disagreeable rapidity.

House renters are busy looking up new places to abode.