Back in time

70 Years Ago

APRIL 1, 1943


Improperly regulated highway and street traffic signals are wasting time, manpower, gasoline and rubber. At least that’s the way Joseph B. Eastman, director of the Office of Defense Transportation, feels about it. And he is urging traffic authorities across the entire nation to adjust and eliminate stop-and-go lights to meet war-time conditions and reduced traffic.

If any Michigan man between the ages of 18 and 45 isn’t carrying Selective Service registration and classification cards, he had better see his draft board at once. The law provides severe penalties for willful violations.

Knocking the pins out from under the Axis and bowling Hitler over with production are more important now than knocking down wooden pins in bowling alleys. New plastic balls are out for the duration — there’ll be wooden ones. Pins call for well-seasoned maple of the kind used to make lasts in Army shoes.

80 Years Ago

APRIL 6, 1933


Mr. and Mrs. Merle Davis, of Saginaw, were guests Saturday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis.

Sears — Jack Lawrence is spending a few days in Detroit.

Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Stein, of Flint, were guests at the J. A. Harper home over the weekend.

Reed City — Mr. and Mrs. Lester Holmes were guests Sunday afternoon of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stone. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Day and daughter, of Lowell, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Glerum, Sunday. Miss Lucille Kneisel, of Lansing, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kneisel.

90 Years Ago

APRIL 6, 1923


John Dusendang and family were Sunday visitors at the Bert Bancroft home. Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Rice, of South Evart, visited the latter’s brother, John Leyder, Jr., and family, Sunday.

Sylvan – Mrs. Arley Reedy came from Grand Rapids Monday and is visiting relatives here.

Born, on April 1, to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edelstein, of rural Reed City, a son, to be known henceforth as Albert Jacob.

110 Years Ago

APRIL 2, 1903


The W.C.T.U. will meet with Mrs. Allured Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. After the mother’s meeting there will be a social hour with light refreshments.

Mrs. Will Ross and two children, and Miss Adella McMullen, returned to their homes at Port Huron and Onaway, Mich., Thursday morning.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Lassiter, of Reed City, an eight and one half pound daughter, on March 25.

Mrs. Rufus Goddard, from Lake Odessa, Ionia County, who has been visiting at Mr. and Mrs. F. L. McArthur’s, has returned home.

Harry Dage is again in school, and so is George McManus.

Rev. G. D. Sherman, now the pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Schoolcraft, former pastor of the Evart church, was a welcome visitor among Evart friends Monday and Tuesday.

120 Years Ago

APRIL 7, 1893


Mrs. C. D. Guest, of this city, received a watch about the late holidays, a present she supposes, but she has not been able to learn the source from which it came. She has refused to wear it all these months until she has learned the name of the person who sent it to her, fearing that it might belong to some other person, and sent her by mistake.

Senator Hopkins of this district was made president pro. Tem. Of the Michigan senate. Lieut. Gov. Giddings appointed Mr. Hopkins chairman of the committee on Education and Public Schools, and the committee on Taxation, and second on committees University and Judiciary. Representative Newkirk was appointed chairman of the committee of Ways and Means, and fourth on the committee on Judiciary, and third on Northern Peninsula Prison. Our districts have no just grounds for complaint as to their assignments.

For Sale – New line of Horse Blankets at the E. F. Birdsall Co., Ltd. –adv.

You will now find J. H. Voller, the druggist, in his new store in the Ardis block.

130 Years Ago

APRIL 6, 1883



D. McWhinney, Esq., of Sears, will receive proposals for building a 40x50 foot barn on his farm, which is located three miles northeast of Evart. Plans can be seen on the premises.

On Thursday evening next there will be a social dance at the National Hotel, Evart. Bill, 50 cents. Capt. J. S. Ruby and wife, of Mount Clemens, assisted by the Evart orchestra, will furnish the music.

Reed City was the location of a quiet, but lovely wedding ceremony on Thursday last when Thomas Mallory and Miss Emily Stewart began their journey down the matrimonial road. Rev. Laramie, cousin of the bride, officiated.

If the lady, who has her back up because she did not get her name in the paper on a recent occasion, will please call at this office, we think we can explain to her satisfaction that she is entirely wrong. Some people imagine that a newspaper man ought to know everything, but they are mistaken and when they let their angry passions rise over such small trifles they do no earthly good to themselves or others.

140 Years Ago

APRIL 4, 1873


An exchange truthfully says that it is about as wise to get mad at the editor and stop your paper as it is to refuse to get your mail because you don’t like the postmaster.

It is rather annoying, after you have disorganized a pair of trousers in experimenting with the side walk to have another fellow take advantage of your discovery and inform you, as you struggle to your feet, that “that’s a very slipper place, sir.”


The Washtenaw jail is shamefully empty.

Rev. G. I. Betts, the Indian Agent for Michigan, is to remove to Lansing.

The County Treasurer’s bond of Jackson County has been fixed at $200,000.

Ionia lives under the hope that the present Legislature will grant her a city charter.

A horse owned by Charles Cutler of Kalamazoo recently died at the age of 33 years.

Four stores in Wyandotte were entered by burglars one night last week. They were after money, but obtained none except a small quantity.

In Cambria, Hillsdale County, a girl backed square out of her marriage engagement at the hour for the nuptials, when her sister jumped up and took her place, and all went just as merrily.

A project is on foot to consolidate Portsmouth and Bay City, and one or two meetings in that direction have already been held, though no definite action has been taken.