Back in Time

20 Years Ago

JUNE 26, 1996


Big Rapids – The Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District has improved its bottom line with adjustments to its budget.

General Education has added $243,896 to its revenues, while adding just $171,148 in expenditures. Originally budgeted for an end-of-year balance of approximately $25,000, the general education fund balance now appears it will be approaching four times that amount with a projected bottom line of approximately $97,000 at the end of the year.

Special Education and Vocational Education also showed similar increases. Special Education improved its position to where it now stands to have a shortfall of approximately $11,300, considerably down from the projected $266,000 and Vocation Education added $25,000 to its bottom line.

In other business, the MOISD Board of Education:

-Approved a contract with Fuelman of Western Michigan as its bulk fuel provider. The move increases the number of available fueling sites in the district to six, three of those in Osceola County. The cost, according to Special Education Director Wayne McKay, will be less than or equal to its current deal, but with better record-keeping from Fuelman. This will include computerized maintenance records of each of the district’s vehicles.

-Received a presentation of research projects from a pair of Mecosta-Osceola Math/ Science/ Technology center students. Stacy Schuberg from Sears detailed her DNA research project and Thomas Skuzinski, from Reed City, made his presentation on his research studies on the subject of “Extraneous Stimuli on Memory Retention.

40 Years Ago

JUNE 24, 1976


Reaction is mixed in the Reed City – Evart area over the Lansing decision to put the new U.S. 131 freeway west of Reed City.

“I think it’s bad for Evart,” says Evart mayor Bud Fleming. “It’s always an asset for a city to have a freeway close to it.” Fleming pointed out that there most likely would have been a sign pointing to Evart had Lansing decided to locate the $40.4 million stretch of highway east of Reed City. This will likely not be the case now.

Reed City Mayor Bryce Jamieson has mixed feelings on the state highway department decision. “I almost believe if I had to decide it I probably would’ve picked the east side of Reed City,” the mayor says. “I think that would’ve been the lesser of two evils.”

Reed City city manager Ralph Westerburg is another who would like to see the freeway to the east of Reed City.

“I think the eastern route would benefit us more,” he says, “since the eastern side probably has oil wells and is not a fit area to develop.” The state may end up with some Jim Dandy law suits with those oil companies.

Diane Haney is a landowner east of Reed City and is thrilled with the decision.

“It’s terrific and I’m delighted,” says Mrs. Haney. I think the people at the hearing last winter expressed themselves well.”

She says she knows of many people who do a lot of hunting, fishing and camping in the area just east of Reed City. “This decision is going to do lots for preservation of wildlife in our area,” she maintains.

60 Years Ago

JUNE 28, 1956


Sparks Corners

Ralph and Helen Owen were callers during the week at the C. Sparks home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tucker and mother, Mary Carney of Flint, were supper guests Friday night of the Kenneth Tucker family. In the evening they all drove to Big Rapids to visit Daisy Kershner.

Bettie Leach, Lois Cooper and Richard Rink had supper Wednesday evening with Cliff and Laura Sparks.

Larry Thornton and brother, Gean, who spent the week at the Wilson Church home, returned to Pontiac Saturday.

Sears News

Earnest Terry and son, Carl, of Casnovia, were entertained over the weekend at the John Morgans.

Mrs. Rae Craven, of Durand, called on Mrs. Norris Miller Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bregenzer, of Evart, spent Tuesday evening at the David Johnson home.

Dick Dake, who is employed in St. Louis, is spending a week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dake.

David Johnson Jr., spent the past weekend with his cousin, Gary Covert, near Barryton.

100 Years Ago

JUNE 30, 1916



The Michigan Supreme Court Monday changed somewhat the outlook for the coming local option elections.

Three decisions affecting the submission of local option to voters were handed down with honors between the “wet” and “dry” forces about even.

As a result, the “drys” may force local option elections in four “wet” counties, Manistee, Mackinac, Otsego and Menominee.

In Luce County, the court refused to review the case as decided by the circuit judge. There the lower court decided that the “drys” had filed more than one separate petition from certain voting units and that therefore these should not be counted.


Grand Rapids won the 1916 convention of the Michigan State Teachers’ Association at a session of the executive committee at Kalamazoo on Tuesday.

In addition to Grand Rapids, Lansing, Saginaw and Battle Creek also sought to host the meeting, which will be held November 1st and 2nd.

120 Years Ago

JUNE 29, 1896


Our attention has again been called to the provision of the statute forbidding the dumping into the river of sawdust and other debris by manufacturers and others. A severe penalty is attached. We are desirous that all who are involved will heed this statute for the sake of the river and the wildlife therein.

John Arndt was home over Sunday. He returned to Saginaw Monday, and will remain another ten days when he hopes to return home to stay.

W. A. Caruthers spent Sunday in Detroit, where he visited his little daughter and her grandparents.

140 Years Ago

JUNE 24, 1876


Chip hats were in demand last week and overcoats this week. What a bout of cold weather we are having. Not good for crops, animals or people.

Peter McFarlane, of Clinton, Ont., a former citizen of this village, is visiting old friends in this vicinity.

Mr. L. O. Montford, of Reed City, has removed his family to Grand Rapids where he now has employment.

Contracts for stumping the state road from the north line of the village through to the township line will soon be let.

Mr. A. C. Trowbridge and wife, of Troy, Mich., are visiting their sons in the village.