Back in Time

50 Years Ago

MARCH 31, 1966


How about meeting me at the Township Hall Thursday and let’s give some blood. If we aren’t too old and are able. If not by appointment, will catch you from 12-6 o’clock. The Southernaires Farm Bureau met Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Archie McLachlan. Five families were present.

Kenneth Grant of Lansing spent a couple of days with Mr. and Mrs. Theo Maddern.

Mrs. Bernice Seath arrived from California, Wednesday, after a couple of months with relatives there. She spent Saturday afternoon and evening with her sister, Mrs. Irving Werle.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benscoter called on the Fred Lincolns of near Hersey Sunday afternoon, also Mr. and Mrs. Edd Anderson.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hanson and Tammie of Fremont spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Parsons and Linda.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wendt and family spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carmichael and family of Pontiac.

Mrs. Bernice Wells and her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Don Burt, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dewitt and family had Sunday dinner with Mrs. Charles Elder and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McKinstry and Mike and Peggy were Monday evening callers of Mr. and Mrs. Carl McKinstry.

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hodges and family called on his father, Maro Hodges Friday evening.

69 Years Ago

MARCH 27, 1947

(1946 microfilm missing from library)


Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sprague and daughter, of Flint, spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. W. F. Sprague and other relatives.

Mrs. Laura Steinhoff and son, Clifton, arrived home Sunday after a visit with relatives in Ponchatcula, Louisiana. The weather was ideal while they were in Louisiana, but they struck bad weather and roads when they reached Michigan.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer French returned Friday from Melbourne, Florida, where they had been visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Hilderley.

Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Benzing and sons, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gibson and daughters.

Mr. and Mrs. Milo Blanchard and father, Ray Laughlin, were Sunday supper guests of their son and grandson, Eldon Blanchard and family, of Reed City.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Johnson and Mrs. Milton Morlock spent Monday afternoon with their grandmother, Mrs. John Wickett and mother, Mrs. Blanch Leinweber.

Mrs. W. H. Echlin, of Evart, came on Monday to spend a few days with her daughter, Mrs. M. French and family.

Ray Beardsley left on Saturday for Corvallis, Oregon, where he will visit his brother, Parker. Mr. and Mrs. Myrl French took him as far as Grand Rapids.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lasch and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Courtright, of Evart, visited on Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Arnold.

90 Years Ago

MARCH 31, 1926


M-20 Designated as Route No. 12

A national system of highways comprising 758,884 miles of the country’s best roads has been designated by Secretary Jardine.

The network, the first national highway system the country has adopted, established 145 routes that touch every state in the union.

The coordination of the routes is in response to a nation-wide demand from motorists whose increasing numbers have found increasing difficulty in touring the country over roads marked in a chaotic fashion.

Of the 145 routes, those running east and west will be designated by even numbers and those north and south by odd numbers.

This action completes the work of selection and designation of a comprehensive system of through routes and to devise a comprehensive and uniform scheme for designating the routes in such a manner as to give them a conspicuous place among the highways of the country as roads of interstate and national significance.

All of these routes will be marked with the standard direction and warning signs which are of two general classes. One group, the danger and caution signs, will consist of four different shapes representing as many degrees of danger. These will have a yellow background with black lettering. The second group, the direction and location signs, will probably be green with uniform shapes, although this last has not been completely worked out as yet.

110 Years Ago

MARCH 28, 1906


Rev. T. M. Huddle, of Sears, organized a Union Sunday School at the school house last Sunday with the following officers: Supt., Mrs. Geo Noble; Asst. Supt., N. Burk; Secretary, Myron Griswold; Treasurer, Mrs. Myron Griswold; Librarian, Bertha Hall.

Rene Veen, of Big Rapids, was a guest of Miss Flo Huff from Saturday until Monday.

J. H. Loucks sold his team last week to Mr. Bromely, of Mecosta. Consideration $255.


Detroit, Mich., - Herman Menz’s pride, his fetish, his own stone devil, which sat on a stone pedestal guarding the Menz home, 308 Stanton Avenue, was ingloriously lugged off by two constables, Tuesday, to satisfy a writ of replevin for $51.40, sworn to by Warren West, of Ypsilanti, for wages claimed to be due him for work, including sculpturing the hapless Old Harry.

Menz’s gargoyle attracted worldwide attention and great crowds to his home where, two months ago, he mounted it on a pedestal in front of his house. The stone image now occupies a space in a storage building and the constable has advertised its sale.

130 Years Ago

MARCH 25, 1886


They had a sawing match out in Tipperary locality on Wednesday and Ireland bested Pennsylvania by some odds.

They cut off a maple log, 16 inches in diameter, in 55 seconds. The Tipperary men use a “Maple Leaf Lance Saw,” made in Galt, Ont., and the Pennsylvania men a “Distant Great American Tooth Saw.”


by a Review Representative

Miss Nancy Gorrell, the lady who was burned so badly the sixth of the past month is now improving slowly, her wounds are healing slowly, her general condition is favorable for ultimate recovery, if no complications in the future set in, the burns on her hips are filling in with healthy flesh, and appear to be doing well although it will be some time in the future before she will be even able to get up or move about.


Since the commencement of the Payne investigation, it appears that quite a number of very prominent Ohio people have suddenly been seized with a very (Payne)ful desire to travel abroad for their health, all at once they have discovered an approaching epidemic, cyclone, or something that they do not wish to encounter.