Back in Time

20 Years Ago

JUNE 19, 1996



Reed City – Judy Johnson has been chosen as the June Employee of the Month at Reed City Hospital.

“Shocked. I was totally shocked. I never thought it would happen,” said Johnson with a wry grin.

Employee of the Month is a new idea started by the C.A.R.E.S. committee. C.AR.E.S. stands for Client, Attitude, Respect, Empowerment, Support. The committee recognizes employees for special deeds or small tasks they perform.

When an employee spots a co-worker doing what they consider to be a special task, or they see someone performing their job exceptionally well, they fill out a nomination for that employee.

These nominations are on a form with room for a short description of what the employee has done to deserve the title Employee of the Month.

At the end of each month, nominations are put into a hat and one is chosen. The other names stay in the running for three months, and even if they are never chosen, the requests for nominations are put into personal files.

Employees of the Month receive a $20 gift certificate to any restaurant of their choice in the Reed City area.

40 Years Ago

JUNE 10, 1976



The son of a Reed City, Mich., couple has been decorated with the U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal at Wurtsmith AFB, Mich.

Staff Sergeant Richard J. Slankard, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Slankard of Franklin St., is a munitions maintenance supervisor and was cited for meritorious service at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai AFB, Thailand.

He now serves at Wurtsmith with the 379th Munitions Maintenance Squadron, a unit of the Strategic Air Command.

The sergeant graduated in 1969 from Reed City High School.

4-H’ers TAKE


Each year top 4-H members are picked from the different districts throughout the state

This year Osceola County had six winners:

Paul Corner, Marion, Petroleum; Michael Blackledge, Marion, Beef; Doug Sengelaub, Reed City, Field Crops; Dave Scharlow, Reed City, Rabbits; Ted Corner, Marion, Automotive; and Kevin Hall, Reed City, Commodity Marketing.

These winners are picked locally, and then their names are submitted to the District for competition then to State where they are interviewed during a banquet at Exploration Days in Lansing.



Sportswear 36-54

Dresses 14 ½ - 32 ½


Farwell   -   (517)588-2943

60 Years Ago

JUNE 14, 1956



Leonard Pritchards Plan

To Retire Next Year After

22 Years on Present Farm

The first gas well in the Sylvan field was brought in on last week’s Mystery Farm, the Leonard Pritchard place, eight and a half miles northeast of Evart. The gas was discovered while drillers were putting down an oil test.

Mr. Pritchard, who will be 70 years old, next year, has lived on the place for the past 22 years after purchasing it from his father, who in turn had bought it from the P.M. Railroad. The farm was cleared about 1873. All outbuildings, plus the second story on the house, were built by the present occupants.

Mrs. Pritchard was the former Edith Hall, and they were married in 1917. Only the eldest and youngest of their nine children are unmarried. The children, all living in Michigan are: Alden, Marshall, Mrs. Shirley Harris, Mrs. Stella Hassell, Nelson, Elwin, Mrs. Altha Rutz, Calvin and Morton.

The Prichards have 100 of their 160 acres under cultivation, raising feed, corn, oats and hay, and keep a herd of 12 Holsteins. They are members of the Faith Bible Church in their vicinity and plan on retiring next year at the age of 70.

Only one correct guess identifying the Mystery Farm was received, from Coralie Bartholomew.

80 Years Ago

JUNE 11, 1936


Mrs. A. A. Boyd, Correspondent

Nettie Gould was in Traverse City Sunday.

Kenneth Gibson has moved into the Harold Troyer house.

Fred Wicks is cutting buzz wood for Janos Biller.

Lee Wood and family spent Sunday with his brother, Alva, at Beaverton.

Mrs. Elizabeth Boyd and son, George Cass, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fry at Sparta.

Mrs. Benzing has opened her home for the summer.

James Martin is suffering from an infection in his eye.

EHS Echo

Eighth Grade News

The last lessons in arithmetic we had for this year were those involving problems in volumes and formulas.

In English we studied the antecedent, the personal pronoun and the compound personal pronoun.

The last visitors we had for this year were Bruce Wanstead, of Hersey, and Mrs. Comer, of Evart.

100 Years Ago

JUNE 17, 1916


A two-year old steer was lost from the Voller farm east of Evart, and Robert Seath will pay for information leading to its recovery. –adv.


Interesting News Furnished

by the Review Representative

Mrs. Harry Strait and baby went to Clare Wednesday, for a few days visit with relatives.

Mrs. P. A. McPhall, of Manistee, visited her mother, Mrs. R. H. Manning, the week just past.

Miss Pauline Corwin visited her friend, Mrs. Gilbert George, in Detroit, the past week.


Osceola News, Hersey: We are in receipt of a copy of the Santa Clara Journal published in California, announcing the illness and death of Mr. R. W. Page formerly of Hersey.

Mr. Page was a Surveyor, and built the house now owned by Mr. G. Koehlor. In 1882 he sold out and moved out west. Mr. and Mrs. Page have three children who are buried in the Hersey Village Cemetery.

120 Years Ago

JUNE 12, 1896



Mr. and Mrs. Will Turner entertained a small party of friends Tuesday evening.

A enjoyable birthday party was given for little Master Giles Milford, of Reed City, on Saturday week, with nine of his little friends in attendance to help him celebrate his sixth birthday anniversary with birthday cake and games. The youngsters report a grand time was had by all.

Miss Wilson, of Midland, is visiting her uncle, G. B. Wilson and family.

Henry Staats is visiting his mother in Detroit this week.

Mr. C. E. Bell reports that there are now eighteen instruments in use upon the line of the local telephone exchange.