Back in Time

20 Years Ago

MARCH 6, 1996



GRAND RAPIDS – At the 111th Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions convention held in Grand Rapids, Herbert L. Phelps, president of the Osceola 4-H & FFA Fair, and director of Zone 3, was elected president.

Osceola County was represented in the MAFE photo contest state competition held during the convention. Representing the Marion Fair and Zone 3 in the category of Michigan Agriculture was Paula Lee. In the category of Nature of Michigan was Ireta Stein. Ireta won the state competition.

This will be a very busy year at the Osceola 4-H Fair scheduled to be held August 5-10, with many changes and added events, including a President’s Day on Thursday and a mortgage burning on Saturday.

40 Years Ago

MARCH 11, 1976



Osceola County is scheduled to have Dial-A-Ride type busses on a regular basis in several months.

“It’ll be free to the taxpayers for two years,” says county commissioner Bruce Bregenzer who along with fellow commissioner Bob Pontz of Reed City, has been appointed to serve on the policy board of the recently created West Michigan Public Transportation Consortium.

The project will be conducted under the joint auspices of the counties of Osceola, Newaygo, Lake and Mecosta plus the city of Big Rapids. The program is part of the West Michigan Regional Planning Commission.

Cost of the program is $707,000 of which 80 percent will come from the Federal government and the remaining 20 percent from the state.

“I don’t really know how practical all this will be,” says Bregenzer of the pilot program. “Our program is sort of patterned after one in the Port Huron area.”

Bregenzer says there’ll probably be one, possibly two, runs about the county by the two busses that will be provided. “There’ll also be one backup bus,” adds the commissioner.

Fees are expected to be nominal, according to Bregenzer, possibly 50 cents for short rides and $1 for longer ones. These fees aren’t expected to offset more than 25 percent of the program cost.

After the first two years of the program, it appears the county may have to take up the tab for the busses.

60 Years Ago

MARCH 8, 1956


By Mrs. Alice Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Kneisel and Tamara are spending the week at Ezra Niergarth’s. The Orla Erbes’s were Sunday dinner guests.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Yarhouse and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Leyder and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leyder and son, and Mrs. Louise Grandy and sons were Sunday dinner and afternoon guests of the Herbert Leyders.


Bisquick, for quick biscuits, 40 oz. pkg. just 39 cents.

Sultana Fruit Cocktail, three 30 oz. cans for $1.00.

Sparkle Instant Puddings, three pkgs., 22 cents.

Ann Page Pumpkin Pie Spice, 1 1/3 oz. can, 15 cents.

Warwick Chocolate Covered Mints, full pound box, 39 cents.

Saran Wrap, 25 ft. roll, 31 cents.

Red Emperor Grapes, two lbs., for 29 cents.

80 Years Ago

MARCH 5, 1936



After encountering considerable difficulty due to water and lost tools, drilling is progressing smoothly on the Bretz well, the only active oil drilling operation in Osceola County at this time.

At the present time the hole is nearing the 1,000 foot mark.

For the first 600 feet the flow of water and hard rock strata hindered drilling progress, and about a week ago, the tools were lost for a number of hours.

100 Years Ago

MARCH 10, 1916


Three Big Specials

Only a limited number of pairs of the bargains mentioned below. It will pay interested buyers to come early as the sizes will soon be broken at the following low prices.

Men’s 12-inch Leather Top Rubbers. These have Heavy First Quality Leather Tops and Snag Proof Rubbers – regular $3.25, now just $1.98.

Boys’ and Youth’s One and Two Buckle Arctics. About twenty pairs remain in this lot. Arctics which sell from $1.25 to $1.65, now closing out at 89 cents.

Women’s Fur Trimmed Felt Slippers. Broken run of sizes in slippers normally priced from $1.00 to $1.25 – to close out the lot at only 48 cents.

Hurry in to Davy’s and check out the bargains –adv.

120 Years Ago

MARCH 6, 1896


-How easy it is to find a reason for doing what we want to do.

-It is possible to fail a thousand times in the eyes of men, and yet succeed.

-It is harder to be happy with riches than it is without them.

-Clothes do not always “make the man.” Sometimes they make a bloomer girl.



Stop in and help us make room for our spring and summer stock of goods.

We will give you great bargains for less cash than you would ever expect to pay.


Dark Prints, 5 cents yd.

Tan Blankets, 49 cents pair.

White Blankets, 40 cents pair.

6lb. Grey Blankets, $1.35 pair.

Large Comforters, $1.00.

Home Made Yarn, 60 cents lb.

Heavy Denim Remnants, 11 cents lb.

140 Years Ago

MARCH 4, 1876



-The annual freight war between the great East and West railroad lines has opened. Thus far the contest is confined to westward-bound freight, and the fight bids fair to be lively and a good thing for Western merchants.

-Following the example of Chicago, the city of Buffalo now obtains her water supply through a tunnel. The work runs out 1,000 feet under Niagara River, the “crib” being in a current running nine miles an hour. The tunnel cost half a million.

-The United States Government has sued Obadiah Durgan, of Portland, Maine, and recovered $5.00 from him for stopping a mail stage to search it for whisky supposed to be carried by the driver in contravention of the State laws, the Court holding that the Federal law must take precedence.

-The annual statement of the production of precious metals on the American continent west of the Missouri River, prepared under the supervision of competent authority, reports the product of the year 1875 at $80,800,037, which is an excess of nearly $6,500,000 over the product of the preceding year.