Back in Time

30 Years Ago

MAY 20, 1986




REED CITY – The “Case of the Phantom Phones” may be one step closer to being solved, thanks to action taken recently by the Osceola County Board of Commissioners.

The board approved hiring a consultant; formerly an employee of Michigan Bell Telephone, to come to Osceola County and do a study assessing the county’s needs as far as a telephone system goes.

In past months, commissioner Gene Pawloski has found himself swamped with ongoing confusion concerning two phones the county is being billed for which do not exist, he explained, and he has made calls to several state trying to untangle red tape that could give the county some answers to that and other questions.

The board put a cap on the hiring of $500.

The board also approved prosecuting attorney Jim Talaske’s request that he be allowed to use up to $2,600 from a drug enforcement fund to purchase a word processor. He said the equipment would aid his employees in keeping up with a heavy workload of paperwork brought about by increased arrests made by the local law enforcement agencies.

50 Years Ago

MAY 26, 1966


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nalton were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Johnson. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tuddle and family of Ionia.

Mrs. Minnie Charles ate dinner Sunday with Bessie Williams. Mrs. Margaret Pagett was to be a guest also but went to Cadillac instead when her son, Lee, and wife called to tell her of the arrival of a baby boy that morning.


Mr. and Mrs. Art Crawford, of Big Rapids, called on Toby Roose, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Snowden visited their niece and family, Mr. and Mrs. Freitz Erickson near Morley, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Williams, of Cadillac, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reber Williams, Sunday p.m.



Two more grass fires brought the fire trucks out early this week.

An alarm was turned in Sunday about 11:00 a.m. on a grass fire on the Sun Oil property which was threatening buildings at the Bernard Vanderhoef home on the River Road. Cause of the blaze was not determined.

A grass fire at the Dale Jackson home in Orient Township brought the trucks out again Monday morning. The fire had started from a pit where rubbish was being burned.

69 Years Ago

MAY 29, 1947

(1946 microfilm missing from library)



Local rifle enthusiasts are invited to attend a meeting at the American Legion Hall next Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. to discuss formation of a rifle club.

George Thompson, conservation officer, Ray Mothersell, of Reed City, and two members of the state police post at Reed City will be on hand to answer questions and to aid in forming the club should sufficient interest be evidenced.



MARION – C. B. Blackburn, of Grand Rapids and Cadillac, president of the Saf-T-Car Company of Cadillac, has announced that the machinery of the company will be moved to Marion before the end of the month and stored while the company is erecting a building to house the factory.

The company manufactures a coaster wagon of original design, and plans to enter the entire field which will include sleds, scooters and kindred wheeled goods.

90 Years Ago

MAY 26, 1926


The Physics class is studying sound which deals with the way noise is produced and the different notes of music, and what goes to produce a more musical sound; the perplexity of both stringed and wind instruments. These people will be scientific musicians if not appreciative ones.

A new sixty-foot flag pole has been received. Before long the “Star Spangled Banner” will be flying from a new flag pole. This will be another attractive feature in the equipment of the school which will be availed equally to all.

Several of the people in the first year Typewriting class have completed their work for the year. They will continue their work however, on their typewriters in the form of practice. We are looking forward to their making an excellent showing in the Shorthand and Typewriting Contest in this district which will be held sometime early in the fall. Last year the typewriting students of this school came home from Reed City with honors.

110 Years Ago

MAY 23, 1906



Vern Lunney, of Evart, La., has been here during the week looking after business interests and calling on old friends.

Mrs. J. W. Birdsall entertained twenty-one members of the Normal class at her home last night in honor of Miss Bessie Putman of LeRoy.


It takes but a little money to buy a lot of goods at our store.

Our Men’s Work

Coats & Pants

are strong and durable. All will look cheap to you after our sale is over.

Protect yourself for a rainy day. Buy one of our UMBRELLAS at little more than one-half the regular price.

130 Years Ago

MAY 27, 1886



STRICTLY PURE – it contains no opium in any form.

Summer coughs can be much more difficult to cure than those experienced in the colder months. Allen’s Lung Balsam will cure all your coughs at any time of year, and with the added benefit that it will also cure a variety of other ailments as well.

25 cents will cure cough.

25 cents will cure croup.

In three size bottles. Prices: 25 cents, 50 cents, and $1.00 per bottle.

25 cent bottles are put up for the accommodation of all who desire a Good and Low Priced Cough, Cold and Croup Remedy.

For those desiring a remedy for Consumption or any Lung Disease, they should secure the large $1.00 bottles.

Directions accompany each bottle. Sold by ALL Medicine Dealers.


Mrs. J. H. Dumon, of Crystal, Mich., is visiting at Dr. Dumon’s.

Miss Lilly Palmer is teaching school at Stearn’s Siding.

Mr. Alexander Swartz, wife and nine children have removed to Reed City where he has employment.

The only fire in the county of late was a small blaze in Reed City that took the kitchen portion of a house, in which no one was injured and little harm was done to the house proper, although with no insurance it will cost a few pennies to affix repairs.