Back in Time

20 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 21, 1996



REED CITY – Through community programs such as recycling and Adopt-a-Highway, it seems more people are paying attention to their environment by doing something to clean it up.

Last year the Osceola County MSU Extension operated a program called the Clean Sweep Pesticide Collection Program.

This was the first pesticide collection and disposal program for Osceola County.

“Most pesticides in Michigan are used on the lakeshores where fruits and vegetables are grown,” said MSU Extension spokesman Jerry Lindquist.

He said that with Michigan’s large hay and corn production pesticides aren’t needed as much so it took a few years for the program to be implemented in Michigan. The program’s goal was to reduce or eliminate unused pesticides.

“We got rid of over 850 pounds of unwanted pesticide products,” Lindquist said.

Pesticides were collected in Cadillac by a contracted firm that came prepared to handle hazardous materials. Wearing protective clothing, workers hauled the materials to an EPA approved incinerator where it was then burned off.

Liquid pesticides, stored for four or five years, generally can’t be used, Lindquist said, due to damage from due to freezing and thawing damageecarded, but were matched up with people whoi can still use them. to handle hazardous materiafreezing and thawing.

“Six hundred pounds of newer pesticides were still useable depending on their official labels,” he added. These pesticides were not simply discarded, but were matched up with people who can still use them.

40 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 19, 1976


A primary election was held in the village of Hersey on February 16 with 87 people casting votes.

Incumbent village president Bion A. Jacobs, Jr. received 78 votes. Betty J. Miller received 68 votes for village clerk, while Frank Brim received 14. Pat Bull got one write-in vote.

Vena Zimmerman received 83 votes for the position of village treasurer, while Clifton Steinhoff got 83 for village assessor. Kenneth Allers received 61 votes for village trustee, a four-year post. Kenneth Schroeder had 70, Edmund Zimmerman also 70, Pat Bracket three write-in votes and Ed Zimmerman one write-in.



Formation of the Reed City P.T.A., in membership with the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, was approved Feb. 2, along with adoption of its bylaws.

Following passage of the proposals, elections were held. Elected were: Mr. Mario Kaminski, Pres.; Mrs. Pauline Montague, Vice Pres.; Mrs. Roberta Todd, Sect.; Mrs. Betty Gawne, Treas.

The officers held an informal meeting the following Monday to establish working committees and chairmen for them.

Appointed were: Legislation, Mrs. Nancy Burmeister; Program & Hospitality, Mrs. Alane McGrew; Membership, Mrs. Theresa Hansen; Projects, Mrs. Carolyn Beilfuss; Historian, Mrs. Pauline Montague; Public Relations, Mrs. Sandy Kaminski.

The P.T.A. is open to every member of the community who is concerned with matters affecting the welfare of children and youths.

60 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 23, 1956



The office of the American Logging Tool Co. has moved into the new building on North Main Street and now welcomes visitors.

Company employees handled the moving chore and had a field day cleaning out the desks which had been in the old building so long. They discovered a large supply of handsomely engraved cards announcing change of name to the “Champion Tool and Handle Co., Wm. Latta, sales representative.”

The new office provides a large main office plus a smaller private office now occupied by R. A. Oren and “Dan” Specken. A large store and shipping room separates the offices from the main factory building.

Construction of the new office building is of cement blocks with partitions in the office of driftwood finished plywood with a tiled floor and acoustic tile ceiling. Dible Construction Co. erected the building.

The American Logging Tool Co., long known locally as the “peavey factory” despite its now extensive output of such items as load binders and snow scrapers in addition to the full line of logging tools, was sold early last year to the Broderick and Bascomb wire rope manufacturing company, of St. Louis, Mo.

Other recent improvements include rebuilding the roof of the main factory building, a new exterior wall on the east end of the building, and the pouring of a concrete floor in the manufacturing area.

80 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 20, 1936



Osceola County has received a check for $14,188.80 from the State of Michigan, representing payment of the Primary School Interest Fund. These funds will be distributed to all schools in Osceola County.


Grocery specials:

Old Mammy Corn, Tomatoes, Diced Carrots, Sauer Kraut, Peas, Pork & Beans, Spaghetti and Tomato Soup, all just 5 cents per can.

Butter Milk Soap, 6 large bars for 25 cents.

All kinds of candy bars or chewing gum, 3 for 10 cents.

Morton’s Seasoning for meat loaf, roasts, poultry, dressing, chops, etc., just 10 cents a can.

$162,661 GRANTED


WPA Grants totaling $162,661 have been approved at Washington. $146,021 of this amount is for the construction and improvement of county roads.

According to James F. Brooks, a member of the county road commission, the money allotted them will be used on approximately 147 miles of roads over the entire county. It is believed that the proposed center line road between Osceola and Cedar townships will be one of the first to begin under the WPA setup.

100 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 25, 1916


Having Opened

My Feed Mill…

I am preparing to do all kinds of FEED GRINDING – Corn on Ear a specialty.

I carry a line of Feed, including Michigan Winter Wheat Bran and Middlings.


Corner 7th & Pine Sts.


Albert Meade went to Flint Saturday, where he will spend the next two months or more.

Samuel Cline and family journeyed to Clare and spent the weekend with friends who reside in that city.

Ralph Disbrow sold his farm, east of town, to Lewis Adgate of Ionia.

Willard Brock was called to Ionia Thursday by the illness of his mother.

Omer Hall went to Flint Saturday, where he expects to find employment.

C. S. Case returned Friday from a short visit with his father at Saranac.