Back in Time

20 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 14, 1996



REED CITY – Reed City Hospital is very proud of its volunteers who are part of the health care team. Volunteers provide a valuable service and in return gain valuable experience and self-satisfaction.

People choose to be volunteers for many reasons. For some, there are changes in their livers that cause them to reach out to others. For others, it’s the challenge of learning new skills – skills that can be put to use in a future job.

For whatever reason they volunteer, they are very important to the hospital and to the community. These people give straight from the heart and ask for nothing in return. If you ask a volunteer what they get out of volunteering the usual answer is “Oh, I receive much more than I give.”

Additional volunteers are needed at Reed City Hospital. Before a person becomes a volunteer they meet with the volunteer coordinator for an interview and a tour of the hospital. This provides the perspective volunteer an opportunity to explore all of the possibilities the hospital has to offer. Complete training and orientation are given to the volunteers before giving them an assignment.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer call the hospital and ask for the volunteer coordinator.

40 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 12, 1976



The newly formed Michigan Northern Company is proposing a railroad service in northwestern Michigan that could possibly be used by Osceola County.

MN chairman Mark Campbell recently spoke to the Northern Michigan Rail Users Association in Cadillac on the general subject of providing services to this part of the state. He mentioned the proposed service would go through both Big Rapids and Cadillac.

“I haven’t heard of any discussion of Reed City or Osceola County using the Michigan Northern service,” says Reed City manager Ralph Westerburg, “But possibly if the service is real good Reed City businesses might be convinced to use it.”

However Westerburg is not so sure the Northern Michigan organization will ever get off the ground. “I don’t know if they have any money. Frankly, I’m a bit dubious about the whole thing.”Reed City businesses might be convinced to use it.”k,” both Big Rapids and Cadillac.

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60 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 9, 1956



The Michigan Bell Telephone Company announced today that installation of dial telephones and central office switching equipment was entering its final stages preparatory to the introduction of a new $185,000 dial telephone system.

The switch from the present magneto, or crank-type telephones, to a modern system providing the fastest and most accurate service available, will be historic.

Earl E. O’Beshaw, Mich. Bell manager in this area, reported that installers of the Western Electric Company are ready to begin final testing of the dial switching equipment.

Following the completion of the new buildings this past fall, installers made thousands of interconnections in the complex switching equipment, and are not ready for the final testing period.

In commenting on the approach of the new service, O’Beshaw said that subscribers here would receive instructional booklets on its use prior to the conversion. A new telephone directory containing the new two-letter, five-digit numbers will also contain information on the use of the system. The directory will also be delivered just before the conversion, O’Beshaw said.ional booklets on its use prior to the conversion. A new telephone direc

Besides direct dialing of all local calls, the new system will permit direct dialing between Reed City, Evart and Hersey.

80 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 13, 1936


Mr. and Mrs. John Hinkley and daughter Marjorie and Mrs. Sam Shore were in Grand Rapids Thursday and Friday. Mr. Hinkley attended the Stock Show.

Miss Pauline Bohls, of Kalamazoo College, and Miss Kathryn Umphrey and Jack Glerum of M. S. C., were all home to visit their parents over the weekend.



Congressman Roy O. Woodruff and Chester A. Graham, State Secretary of the Farm Union, will be the principal speakers at a meeting of the 10th District to be held Monday night at Barryton Community Hall.

Questions of particular interest to agriculture will be discussed by both speakers and a question box will be held at the end of the meeting.

All farmers and others interested in governmental affairs are invited to attend.

100 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 11, 1916




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Misses Gail Peacock and Bessie Huntoon, of Big Rapids, were visitors with Evart friends Friday and Saturday.

South Sylvan – Bernard Anible started Wednesday to walk and lead a pair of one and two year old colts to Freeland.

South Sylvan – Earl Martin has rented N. Hoisington’s farm and moved his family and household goods Tuesday. Earl is a jolly good fellow and we extend a hearty welcome.

120 Years Ago

FEBRUARY 14, 1896


Have you tried the NON-SUCH MINCE MEAT? Best Quality. Three packages for 25 cents.

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The following persons have been drawn to serve as Jurors for the next term of the Osceola County Circuit Court:

Solomon B. Olds, Marion; Eugene Ely, Sylvan; Frank Edson, Orient; L. L. Gue, Bardell; Robert Thompson, LeRoy; N. R. Seeley, Lincoln; M. Dickinson, Richmond; Wm. Spank, Sherman; N. Archbold, Rose Lake; J. C. Leach, Hersey; Luther H. Manley, Highland; Ransom H. Cone, Osceola; William Robine, Evart; James A. Bulls, Sylvan; James Millen, Orient; Harlan Cole, Burdell; Hugh M. Lamb, LeRoy; Burton Halladay, Lincoln; C. C. Graff, Richmond; F. J. Bond, Sherman; Irwin H. Smith, Rose Lake; George Teesdale, Hersey; Ruben C. Dunn, Osceola; Lester Van Virst, Evart.