Back in Time

20 Years Ago

JULY 31, 1996



Reed City – Although most county office holders are already home free in the August 6 Primary Election, there are a half dozen contests on the various ballots.

Two millage proposals account for two of the contests. On the nonpartisan ballot, there is a spirited contest for judge of the 77th District Court.

And there are the races for the offices of sheriff, of treasurer and of road commissioner.

Republicans dominate the action. All candidates for county office are Republican or Independent. Democrats have six candidates running for township offices.

Several things are sure bets: nFaces and names at the Courthouse will not be much changed by the election.

County government will remain in the hands of  Republicans.

The county government contests, all pitting Republican against Republican, are for the offices of county road commissioner, county treasurer, county sheriff, and county commissioner for District Two which comprises Burdell, Sherman and Highland Townships.

The most sought after seat is for county road commissioner. Four candidates, all Republicans, are seeking the seat: Stanley Gregory, LeRoy; Thomas VanEpps, LeRoy; Kim Knickerbocker, Marion; and William Stager, Reed City.

40 Years Ago

JULY 22, 1976


$25 Gs TO FUND

Frank G. Armstrong, Vice President of Environmental & Civic Affairs, AMC, announced Tuesday that American Motors Corporation and Evart Products Company will contribute $25,000 to the Tom Smith Memorial Fund. This brings the fund total to approximately $86,000.

The fund was originally set up to build a swimming pool, but costs were prohibitive. So, the committee switched to the idea of building a new grandstand and sports complex.

The grandstand, designed by architect Gordon J. McCarty, will seat up to 1,000 people and will cost an estimated $91,000 to construct.

With the contribution from American Motors, plans are under way to begin construction of the new facility right after the Osceola County 4-H & FFA Fair and have it ready by the October Homecoming events.

Fund committee and fair board members present for the gift announcement expressed great pleasure at AMC’s interest in the community and happiness with the $25,000 donation.

60 Years Ago

JULY 26, 1956

A & P


Florida grapefruit – 8 lbs., 49 cents.

Golden bananas – 2 lbs., 29 cents.

Michigan summer apples – 4 lbs., 39 cents.

Jane Parker bread – 1 ¼ lb. loaf, 17 cents.


Every Day Low Prices

Armour’s Star Canned Hams - 75 cents per lb.

Ready to Eat Picnics - 35 cents per lb.

Coca-Cola – 6 for 29 cents.

Regular Size Cigarettes - $1.97 per carton.

Northern Pride Ice Cream – 69 cents per gallon.

Gaines Dog Meal – 25 lbs. for $2.39.


-Saturday, August 4th – The First Baptist Church will hold its Sunday School picnic at 11 a.m. at the sand flats east of Evart.

-Sunday, August 5th – A potluck picnic will be held at the Roethlisberger cottage, Chippewa Lake, for Cub Scout Pack 162. Games and swimming from 2:30; supper at 5:30.

-Monday, August 6th – The WCTU will meet at the home of Mrs. Charles Morgan at 8 p.m.

80 Years Ago

JULY 30, 1936



J. J. Kingsbury attended the camp meeting at Manton Sunday and was a Reed City caller on Tuesday.

Mrs. Viola Clark, of Cedar Springs, is visiting Mrs. J. H. Byrnes this week.

Mr. and Mrs. George Henry, Jr., and children, of Flint, were guests last week at the home of George Henry, Sr.

Mrs. E. W. Sutliff and daughter, Beverly Jean, of Flint, who have been visiting her mother, Mrs. Millard Henry for two months, returned home Wednesday, Mrs. Sutliff coming after them.

Rev. and Mrs. D. L. Reedy, of Pottersville, spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Zern Clark, en route to Lake City.

100 Years Ago

JULY 22, 1916


-Grand Rapids won the 1916 convention of the Michigan State Teachers’ Association at a session of the executive committee at Kalamazoo Tuesday.

Lansing, Saginaw and Battle Creek sought the meeting, which will be held November 1 and 2.

-George B. Brooks, for nearly half a century as attorney, most of the time in Saginaw, died Saturday night of old age. He was 81 years old.

-Dr. T. H. Cooper, for a number of years a practicing physician of Port Huron, has been named St. Clair County Physician by the Board of County Superintendents of the Poor, to succeed Dr. S. S. Hanson, who has occupied the position for many years.


Mrs. Harry Strait and baby went to Clare Wednesday, for a few days visit with relatives.

Miss Pauline Corwin visited her friend Mrs. Gilbert George in Detroit the past week.

Mrs. P. A. McPhall, of Manistee, visited her mother, Mrs. R. H. Manning, the past week.

120 Years Ago

JULY 31, 1896


South Sylvan

Thomas Louden has traded his yoke of cattle for a team of horses.

T. L. Manley is adding a bath room, kitchen and wood house to his residence.

South Sylvan Union S. S. will attend the convention at Cole’s Crossing tomorrow.

Will Gaffney returned from Presque Isle Saturday. He reports work aplenty and wages good.

Daley Clapp returned home from Harrietta last week, where he had been working in the woods.

We have had several splendid rains lately, and corn, late oats, and potatoes are in fine condition as a result.

140 Years Ago

JULY 28, 1876



-Berries are plenty.

-Mr. Shumway, of Weldon Creek, has a squash vine which grew 12 inches in 12 hours.

-At John Hoogstraat’s camp the thermometer has stood at 104 degrees for two or three days past.

-The hoop factory of Downing & Cox at Weldon Creek commenced running last week, and is turn out good work.

-Six vessels, carrying 1,260,000 feet of lumber, were loaded at Danaher & Melendy’s dock during the past three days. This is the largest fleet which ever loaded at a mill in the city at one time. – Record.